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radio ears
29th Dec 2017, 21:25
I flew into STN in the very early hours of 28th Dec. There was a very long delay in getting my bags landed at 0:45, did not get it till 03:00, and discovered it was damp and it had been crushed so the extending handle did not work. Due to the late hour and the frankly ugly sceans that were developing at the air side ryan air desk I decided to leave the airport and try again in the afternoon.

I waited for over two hours at the Ryanair landside customer service desk, and asked for a Property Iregularty Report form. The customer service agent gave me a look to suggest I had come from mars and I was handed a sheet with webaddresses and was told it had to be compleated on line.

I get home and guess what, it asks for a PIR reference to be obtained at the airport.... What can I do now, write off the 50 case? And what should I do in the future?

30th Dec 2017, 04:12
What can I do now

Gather your evidence and write to the airline advising that if your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction within 28days you will persue the matter further.

30th Dec 2017, 04:14
This what MC99 says. This applies to almost all international flights. EU regulation extends that to all intra EU flights. Artice 31 — Timely Notice of Complaints
1. Receipt by the person entitled to delivery of checked baggage or cargo without complaint is prima facie evidence that the same has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the document of carriage or with the record preserved by the other means referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 3 and paragraph 2 of Article 4.
2. In the case of damage, the person entitled to delivery must complain to the carrier forthwith after the discovery of the damage, and, at the latest, within seven days from the date of receipt in the case of checked baggage and fourteen days from the date of receipt in the case of cargo. In the case of delay, the complaint must be made at the latest within twenty-one days from the date on which the baggage or cargo have been placed at his or her disposal.
3. Every complaint must be made in writing and given or dispatched within the times aforesaid.
4. If no complaint is made within the times aforesaid, no action shall lie against the carrier, save in the case of fraud on its part