View Full Version : Panda by Concorde

29th Dec 2017, 05:24
Suggested in newly released papers, and thus prominent across the media today, that in 1981 UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was asked to share her government Concorde charter London to Washington with London Zoo's panda, which was being sent to Washington at the time.

National Archives: Thatcher refused to share flight with panda - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42508385)

Did nobody realise that there's no way a panda crate could fit into any of Concorde's freight compartments, or even through any of the doors ?

Dan Winterland
29th Dec 2017, 06:18
He would have had a seat in business class surely!

29th Dec 2017, 06:21
Are we sure it wasn't the panda who refused to fly with Mrs Thatcher ?

29th Dec 2017, 06:46
She wasn't the kind of person to panda to a whim...

Heathrow Harry
29th Dec 2017, 08:42
"He would have had a seat in business class surely"

BUSINESS CLASS??? on Concorde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dear fellow there was us & them - the common herd who used First & their servants in Business and the Global Elite on Concorde

It was awfully bad form to enquire about your fellow passengers but it does explain the rather tubby Chinese gent in the black & white overcoat sitting across the aisle from me one day who insisted on the vegetarian option...........

Captain Dart
29th Dec 2017, 09:06
...and the fight with the missus the night before, which would account for the two black eyes.

Probably over a reluctance to mate.