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Jet II
24th Dec 2017, 15:20
Interesting to see that the Army rebrand has been put on hold - even though they have already spent £500,000 on it.

I wonder who these 'key audiences' are that dont want to be the best..:uhoh:

Army halts plans to ditch 'Be the Best' slogan

According to the newspaper, a leaked document from the department - written by the Army's most senior officer, General Sir Nick Carter - said market research carried out by the MoD showed the slogan "did not resonate with many of our key audiences".

As a result, the Army's executive committee agreed "its use should be phased out as soon as affordably possible", with plans for the "retirement of Be the Best [to] commence immediately".

The research also found the Army's crest - depicting crossed swords, a crown and a lion - to be "non-inclusive" and recommended replacing both with a union jack with the word ARMY in bold underneath.

It is not clear when Mr Williamson became aware of the plans, but he has since put them on hold.

Colonel Richard Kemp, the former commander of UK troops in Afghanistan, added that it was "lunacy to squander money on a futile branding project" when there was already pressure on the defence budget.

Beeb (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-42469901)


24th Dec 2017, 16:50
Probably the same prats who tried calling the Post Office ‘Consignia’. Or renamed ‘Norwich Union’ after a bus company.

24th Dec 2017, 17:21
I left the UK long before the English language was re-written.
Can someone in the know please tell me what "non-inclusive" means.
Or "inclusive" for that matter.

How about a caricature of a Taliban with "Beat the Beast" written underneath?

Effluent Man
24th Dec 2017, 17:54
Baldrick fronting a campaign with the slogan "Be the worst".

24th Dec 2017, 19:28
'Be the Me in Mediocre'

'Its not the winning, its the being blown apart that counts'

'What is missing? Bl_e on bl_e'

24th Dec 2017, 21:42
Was there not a section in the same report about getting rid of the crossed swords,crown and lion badge and removing the union jack?

After all we don't want people getting the wring idea about what the army is all about......

Jet II
24th Dec 2017, 21:48
I think the most concerning thing is that the Army's most senior officer thought this a good thing to spend £500k on...

Early retirement for someone should be on the cards..

24th Dec 2017, 22:05
Baldrick fronting a campaign with the slogan "Be the worst".

Oh I say, you are so wrong there.

It was "Be the Turnip".

I mean, really!

Ascend Charlie
24th Dec 2017, 22:05
Did he own the marketing company, as a retirement money-spinner?

owen meaney
24th Dec 2017, 22:28
Maybe rebrand from The Army to The Peace Corps

24th Dec 2017, 23:48
I'm starting to like this Gavin Williamson. First off, he tell's the Chancellor to cough up for the Treasury's airfares and now he kicks some PC motivated waste of money project into touch (unfortunately in true MOD style - after wasting the money). With a bit of luck, some of the greasy pole climbers, with less talent than a concrete block, who came up with this idea will be weeded out and "encouraged" to seek their fortunes elsewhere.