View Full Version : Commonwealth Games 2022.....alas !

Krystal n chips
21st Dec 2017, 13:10
For those of us who have to transit the dump, by rail or road, the prospects are not good given it's gridlocked now ( both modes of transport ) and it isn't likely to improve before then.

Commonwealth Games: Birmingham announced as host of 2022 event - BBC Sport (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/commonwealth-games/42437441)

However, quickly off the mark to offer the open top tours of the City was this operator.


Dan Gerous
21st Dec 2017, 13:51
Why the f does anybody even bother competing for this stuff? It causes nothing but disruption while all the building is going on, and invariably ends up costing more and not making a profit. While I'm no fan of stuff being centralised in London, there is already adequate facilities in the Olympic park. Why not just make it the national athletics stadium, and we can at least get some return from it, rather than a one off sports day, that cost us millions.