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19th Jul 2002, 11:07
Just heard on the radio about an attempted hijacking of an airliner in spain which made an emergency landing at a military base.

I'm searching for stories but nothing yet. Will post details later.

Land After
19th Jul 2002, 11:08
From the BBC

A Colombian passenger plane has made an emergency landing in Spain after a man attempted to hijack it, police said.
A man, who was reportedly armed with a knife, tried to take control of the plane.

The plane was diverted to Torrejon military airbase near Madrid and escorted to the ground by two fighter jets, police said.

The Avianca Airbus was travelling from Bogota to Madrid's Barajas airport.

Local media reports that all of the passengers have left the plane unharmed.


19th Jul 2002, 12:15
Airbus? I think Avianca have 767's

Small matter, tho' - at least a good result;well done to all.

19th Jul 2002, 13:44
Well ,the press in Brazil discovered the truth about A vs B "war".

The AIRBUS 767.

How about that for a starter?
Fine they made it safely.

19th Jul 2002, 21:16

Journalists always the same! They don't search for the facts before writing the article and them we see stupid mistakes like that.