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Wriggly Monkey
21st Dec 2017, 09:35
I recently took a friend to Italy on a A319. She is not a good flier, and was unsettled by a strange sawing sound while the aeroplane was loading. Assurances that "they all do that", and pointing out to her that the crew could hear it and weren't worried didn't totally calm her, so I was curious as to what is actually causing it.

Metro man
21st Dec 2017, 11:41
Its the PTU or power transfer unit which allows two of the hydraulic systems to share pressure through a mechanical connection if one of them has a higher demand placed on it.

Totally normal and nothing to worry about.

21st Dec 2017, 13:40
Hi Wriggly Monkey and welcome to the 'cabin' of PPRuNe. You have the answer from Metro Man and might like to read this item from our FAQ to give more detail to your friend [below]. The sound of the Power Transfer Unit is often referred to as 'the barking dog'.

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5th Jan 2018, 15:28

5th Jan 2018, 15:41
In the good old (pre-Airbus) days we called it a banana pump.

5th Jan 2018, 20:08
MATELO, many thanks for posting that very helpful video. It is technical but should reassure many visitors to the PPRuNe Cabin. :ok:

15th Jan 2018, 08:51
never thought of it as a barking dog, always thought it was a sawing sound