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Old Photo.Fanatic
19th Dec 2017, 16:16
I am planning to fly to the USA In July, for EAA Oshkosh.
I plan to fly Premier Economy, but its been a few years since I flew to the USA.
Any ideas as to a recommended Carrier re. best value with good all round performance.

One criteria, good size 2 item cabin baggage allowance.
Covers Camera gear bag with a medium back pack for misc. odds and ends.

Last time I did this 6years ago I flew Prem. econ. with BA manly due to their cabin allowance. But have noted lots of negative comments recently for BA.

With thanks for any info.

PS Re. S.o.S. I would look to travel from London/Manchester/or other southern UK possibilities.
Re. Jarvy. I should have said that as previous 2 Visits 1985/2011, I plan to fly to Chicago.

19th Dec 2017, 19:55
Thanks for joining the forum, Old Photo.Fanatic. If you could tell us where you are starting from in the UK? That makes it easier for cabin members to pitch ideas.

Metro man
19th Dec 2017, 21:49
Some alternative airlines fly a London - New York under fifth freedom rights and a business class ticket could be around the same price as PE. I believe Kuwait Airways stopped ticket sales due to their refusal to carry Israeli passport holders, however their on time performance is poor. Air India might be worth a look though.

There is a all business class airline operating Paris - New York, and Aer Lingus via Dublin have US pre clearance. Take a chance on separate tickets or break the journey for more than 24 hours on a single ticket and you avoid the ridiculous long haul APD charge if the initial flight is within 2000 miles.

20th Dec 2017, 11:01
If your going to Oshkosh then better to fly to Chicago. I went to Oshkosh a few years ago flying into Chicago then rented a RV and drove up.
Lots of airlines fly into Chicago as its a big hub.