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16th Dec 2017, 17:51
Flying to Melbourne from Heathrow return in late January and China Southern have some very good prices. Anyone any comments about this carrier?

16th Dec 2017, 20:02
Only ever done J, terminating in China. they're good. Guangzhou Airport is a bit confusingly dysfunctional at times. in J, with tight connections you get a lot of help (carts, guides through the various checkpoints and gateways)

On flight service was fine. Modern fleet. competent crew. It's a different sensibility about appropriate behaviour in the air maybe for a lot of the pax, but nothing I haven't seen on other airlines.

Good thing about asian airlines? the pax getting off in Asia, from Asia universally sleep on the flight. Its quiet.

Metro man
17th Dec 2017, 00:31
One of the better Chinese airlines and good value for money especially in business class. Almost as good as western and Middle Eastern airlines but can be a lot cheaper.

Look into the free stopover offer as a way to break the journey. Hotel room and China visa included. Guangzhou isnít a major tourist spot like Beijing, but you can do some shopping.

17th Dec 2017, 15:41
I travel to Melbourne from the UK every year, i haven't flown China Southern yet but have not heard anything against them. I have found the best value for money, particularly in business is Vietnam Airlines especially in business. New 789's and good service. The only problem is a long stopover in Vietnam both ways, OK if you plan to spend a few days in Vietnam but otherwise it is a long wait..