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10th Dec 2017, 01:43
Anyone else having difficulty gaining access ? I get a message that the site is not providing a security certificate, or something ?

10th Dec 2017, 01:52
No problem for me on an iPad and Safari. Normally Safari screams bloody murder when it find an old certificate.

10th Dec 2017, 05:16
Got on OK just now. Problems yesterday.

10th Dec 2017, 07:08
No problem on W7 and FF

10th Dec 2017, 07:16
Still no go, iPad sends me to an Aus. Internet Hosting site. VentraIP Australia Pty.ltd.

Chrome/W8.1 says no security cert. get lost - or words to that effect ....

Quote ...

This site can’t provide a secure connection

ops-normal.org sent an invalid response.

10th Dec 2017, 07:58
I was getting that yesterday morning but when I went back in the afternoon all was as normal.

10th Dec 2017, 08:58
What handsfree said. Alison said the DNS pointers were corrupted. Have you tried clearing your DNS cache?

11th Dec 2017, 20:05
All back to normal now, don't you just LOVE computers ?



11th Dec 2017, 20:30
No doubt I was hasty in rushing off with my laptop to get it 'repaired', but, knowing now about the TalkTalk outage, any analytics that I might have carried out would have drawn the same conclusion -a fault with the computer - maybe a virus.
As I couldn't access the internet I couldn't search for information - though if I had checked the lights on the router that might have indicated 'no service' (M$ fault-finding checker didn't find any fault - other than DNS Server not found).
My concern was that, with a busy weekend approaching, I had limited time to get the laptop fixed, so I went out to catch the next available bus to town - I even went with just the laptop and the power supply - no bag to carry it.

Had it been a Sunday I would have had to wait - and TalkTalk restored service after a couple of hours . . .

Having researched DNS Server topics I am sightly wiser now, and should the same thing happen again I would react differently.

I suppose it adds to life's experiences and knowledge.

Wiser, but 45 poorer . . .

45 to tell me that that was no fault found - and to wipe my passwords and install a version of Firefox that is incompatible with my 'diary' that holds all my appointments for months ahead (now sorted with an uninstall and an install of a earlier version).