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Background Noise
7th Dec 2017, 15:22
I get the bad weather, and undoubtedly some nasty incidents up north, but what has it come to when everything is stopped by a trampoline!

Storm Caroline disrupts travel and closes schools - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-42256808)

Not sure whether that link will stay live but the gist of it is:

Rail services between Glasgow Central and Neilston were disrupted for almost two hours after a trampoline blew onto the track at Patterton in East Renfrewshire.


7th Dec 2017, 15:23
"Spring is in the air".

7th Dec 2017, 15:26

7th Dec 2017, 20:19
Assuming that the track is unnelectrified with a third rail, why did it take the driver and guard 2hrs to clear it from the track ? Even those large ones aren't THAT heavy.....

7th Dec 2017, 20:30
First you have to 'secure' the line - ie stop all oncoming trains.

7th Dec 2017, 20:31
15 minutes initial risk assessment.
15 minutes gathering essential safety equipment (torch and high-viz).
15 minutes contacting their line manager to ask permission.
30 minutes waiting for the line manager to contact his department manager for permission.
30 minutes to find that the department manager is in the golf club having a Christmas Party.
15 minutes to actually move the trampoline.

7th Dec 2017, 20:39
The driver would then have to contact the controller before proceeding.

7th Dec 2017, 20:52
I bought a trampoline once - it was useless. No bounce in it at all.

Also - the legs were upside down.

7th Dec 2017, 20:54
"Spring is in the air".

ShyTorque appears to be on the right track.

Mac the Knife
8th Dec 2017, 09:31
eckhard has it almost right.

"Not in 'me job description mate. That's a job for the Linemen. Union rules."

Helluva fuss if you do someone else's job - nearly got fired once for that sort of thing.


8th Dec 2017, 11:03
Presumably it affected both the Up and Down lines....

8th Dec 2017, 19:03
Hello controller there's a kiddies trampoline on the line. Oh, and by the way, I've parked me train just behind it.

8th Dec 2017, 19:10
Perhaps it took them two hours to dismantle it and get it in the train, cheap Scottish Christmas present to be had in works time.

Kelly Hopper
8th Dec 2017, 20:33
I can't see the issue of the driver moving it as long as he bounced the idea off his managers before hand? Failure to do so would have had them jumping all over him and then he would have been for the high jump.

8th Dec 2017, 21:22
A few months ago, during a previous episode of strong winds, I was pursued down one of the local narrow roads by an escaped trampoline which was trying to overtake me whilst ricocheting off cars parked either side of the road.:eek:

Luckily it went unstable and disappeared down a side turning, by which time I was already 10mph over the local 20mph speed limit trying to keep clear of it.:ooh:


8th Dec 2017, 21:48
>>anorak mode on<<

I believe that stretch of line has electrified overhead lines. If it was that windy perhaps the train crew didn't want to move the trampoline until the power was turned off ,in case the wind caught the trampoline and the crew became part of the "earth" lead.

>>anorak mode off<<

9th Dec 2017, 08:10
So it was a wind-up toy?