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galaxy flyer
5th Dec 2017, 22:17
What a story it was....



5th Dec 2017, 22:32
I last met her in 1967.

galaxy flyer
5th Dec 2017, 22:51
You would say that, wouldn’t you?


5th Dec 2017, 23:41
g - f :D:D:D

5th Dec 2017, 23:55
I think it was Randy Mice Davies Who coined the infamous (oft misquoted) phrase (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/11303169/Mandy-Rice-Davies-obituary.html).

she replied, "Well (giggle) he would, wouldn’t he?" (often misquoted "Well he would say that, wouldn't he?").

6th Dec 2017, 00:09

Christine in later life.

6th Dec 2017, 00:19
How I met Christine (https://www.pprune.org/8229385-post6587.html).

Bull at a Gate
6th Dec 2017, 04:40
"Passes"?? She's dead. She died.

And I say this as one whose much loved Aunt DIED on Sunday.

6th Dec 2017, 05:18
Am I just being cynical or am I correct in thinking that the repeated desciptions of Keeler and Rice-Davies as "showgirls" are just euphemisms?

6th Dec 2017, 07:03
Thank you Bull at a Gate! This use of "Passed" gets right up my nose. Every time I hear it, I wonder if the subject passed their driving test, 11 plus etc. If people insist on using silly euphemisms, how long before a plane crash is referred to as an unplanned landing?

Effluent Man
6th Dec 2017, 08:20
One of those stories that, had it been fiction you would have said it was far fetched. If you've not seen the film Scandal do watch it. Historically accurate, a great cast including Ian McKellen, John Hurt and the gorgeous Joanne Whalley. The soundtrack is great too and it is so atmospheric of a period that I can ( just) remember. Title track by Dusty!

Metro man
6th Dec 2017, 08:28
In those days BOAC was interpreted as Bend Over Again Christine after the trial.

6th Dec 2017, 17:47
Another here who gets annoyed by the mealy mouthed "passed". I even heard it used by a police spokesman when describing the aftermath of that horrific crash when 5 young people hit a tree the other day, saying that they had "passed away" in the crash. They were killed, for goodness sake!

Scandal was terrific - one of John Hurt's best films. I remember relating to the bit when he is puffing on his first joint and saying he would really prefer a gin and tonic - my feelings entirely when I tried one!

Kelly Hopper
6th Dec 2017, 18:09
I had a phone call some years ago from a work colleague to tell me that our boss has "passed." I had no idea what he was telling me and asked him to repeat what he had just said? It was at least 5 minutes of conversation before I finally understood what he was trying, and failing, to tell me.
Where on earth did this come from? I had never heard it before. It's akin to telling you someone had died without admitting to what had happened? PC again?

Effluent Man
6th Dec 2017, 18:44
Scandal[/I] was terrific - one of John Hurt's best films. I remember relating to the bit when he is puffing on his first joint and saying he would really prefer a gin and tonic - my feelings entirely when I tried one!

That was exactly my experience of it. A friend gave Mrs EM a piece and she baked it into a ginger cake. A very interesting but odd experience. Time slowed down and my eyesight became extraordinarily acute, so much so that I would swear I could read a newspaper across the room. I was never tempted to try it again.

6th Dec 2017, 21:43
Christine Keeler passesAnd John Profumo scores on the rebound.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

And neither could he...

6th Dec 2017, 22:45
When I read the title, I thought "What did she pass, and how did it get up there?" :E

7th Dec 2017, 02:34
"Passes"?? She's dead. She died.

I'd have gone with "keels over".

7th Dec 2017, 03:59
Scraping the bottom with this one, do you think the hearse will be a keeler hauler?

Ascend Charlie
7th Dec 2017, 06:11
"Half a pound of Mandy Rice,
Half a pound of Keeler,
Put it together and what have you got?
A f***'in lovely sheila"

Sung by 12-yo boys in 1964

Mac the Knife
7th Dec 2017, 08:04
Yeah, I hate "passed" too. When I die, I gonna fricken DIE, not "pass"!

Here in South Africa they use "late" - bloody confusing . . .

"I em sori doctah, the patient is late"




7th Dec 2017, 08:09
I'd have gone with "keels over".

Christine Keel's over or Christine keels over..! :p

I also hate "passed away" - my mum died and that was the word we all used when passing on the news. I noticed a friend of mine did the same.

7th Dec 2017, 08:16
Itís worth remembering that John Profumo, who died in 2006, rehabitited himself by working as a lavatory cleaner at Toynbee Hall, subsequently rising to the position of head fund raiser. His wife, the gorgeous actress Valerie Hobson, also dedicated herself to good works. He was made CBE in 1975.