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5th Dec 2017, 19:18
Sharing the joys of not carrying 5kg of emergency toilet paper.

5th Dec 2017, 20:50
What, you mean you use the photo to wipe yer bum! Bit shiny I'd have thought?


5th Dec 2017, 21:24
nah Charles de gaulle plates were always emergency bog paper. Loads of them and they always got updated every month. And there wasn't a chance in hell we would ever go there planned or diversion.

5th Dec 2017, 21:45
Wtf, wtf and wtf ????? Give us a clue, or let us have some of what you're using ;-)

5th Dec 2017, 23:28
I needed something that day first flight we departed in shite loads of snow and that was 8 hours later looking at a night landing in heavy snow under that layer 4th landing of the day and the FO had announced that he had a xwind restriction so I was doing that one as well ginger taffy gimp.

Loose rivets
6th Dec 2017, 22:22
Yes, that's right. Well, left, actually. I think it was the restriction that caused the most difficulty. The loss of friction was secondary.

7th Dec 2017, 07:10
What does the EFB photo possess?