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18th Jul 2002, 06:13
Howdy Folks,

I'm just trying to gather some information about the fuel systems of the A330 and A340!

I have gone to as many websites as possible, but there is nothing really of use. I just want an overall idea of the "workings" of the system. eg: Number of tanks, the layout. Anything!!!

Also, is the overall system the same between the two types, apart from the overall fuel amount.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


18th Jul 2002, 18:57
I can't give you a full answer since I'm only familiarized with A340-300 fuel system.
There are 5 tanks in the wings (2 inners, 2 outers, central) and 1 in the THS (Trimmable horizontal stabilizer), also 3 vent/surge tanks one in each wing tip plus another at right THS tip.

Tank quantities:
Inner 2x32895kg
Outer 2x2895kg
Center 32550 kg
Trim 4800 kg

Total fuel quantity is 138639 liters , 108.8 tons for a SG=0.785.
Residual fuel in the system is less than 0.3% total capacity.

The inner tanks are the main feed tanks.
Each inner tank is divided in FWD and AFT each with booster pump collector cells. FWD Inner tank booster cell feeds engine 2 (3). Aft inner tank booster cell feeds engine 1 (4).
The outer tanks are kept full for wing bending relief.
All systems functions are controlled by FCMS (Fuel control and monitoring system) through two identical computers FCMC1,FCMC2.
Main functions:
Fuel quantity measurement;
Transfer to main feed tanks;
Transfer from/to trim tank for CG position control;
Fuel recirculation and temperature indication;
Refuel and Defuel operation;
Indication and warnings;


19th Jul 2002, 03:06

no center body tank and respective fuelpumps, no jettison
total fuel=76280kg or 97171 liters

same as above, but only 2 engines(for the smartasses)
inner tank has a division, on the inside is the collector cell with 2 normal pumps
on the outside is the stby pump

fuel feed seq.

fuel always from innertanks as follows,
1 each inner empties to 4000kg,
2 trim tank transfers to innertanks,
3 innertanks empty to 3500kg,
4 outer tanks fuel transfers to innertanks.

the amount of fuel in the trimtank is auto. controlled for opt. cg
in flight it starts at Fl255
ends at desnd. to fl 245 or when dest. is less than 35 min away acc. fmgs



21st Jul 2002, 01:13
Shimmydamper, our 330-200ís can jettison fuel.:cool:

21st Jul 2002, 01:57
I know, saw that in a 330-200sim
but we can land up to MTOW, but we need to do the overweight landing CL.


23rd Jul 2002, 04:26
Hi again,

Thankyou so much, everyone!!!! It has helped alot. I appreciate it.

Regards Iatwhit

23rd Jul 2002, 09:59
A330-200 also has centre tank bringing total fuel to around 109,000kg.

24th Jul 2002, 10:34
Airbus FAST magazine number 14 has an article on A340/A330 fuel system


26th Jul 2002, 14:58
While all of the above is quite true, it is only the tip of the iceberg with regards to how it all works. If you ever thought that a fuel system was meant to deliver fuel from a tank and feed it to an engine.....welcome to Airbus.:)