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Larry legroom
5th Nov 2017, 11:54
Hello all.
Anyone here use privium at schiphol airport,just really want to know if it speeds up security and border crossing.
Have been stuck in horrendous security and passport queues last summer, departing and arriving schiphol.
Have been offered a job at a job in Amsterdam next year and working out if it's best to stay there or weekly commute.

Thanks in advance.

Another James
8th Nov 2017, 16:15
Into my second year of privium membership,cannot fault the system.

Departing Schiphol, fast track security then border crossing iris scan no waiting no queues.From schiphol train station or schiphol plaza bus station to gate D31 never more than one hour with hand baggage even when the airport is at its busiest.

Arriving at schiphol its just the border crossing iris scan,no waiting no queues.

Basic membership covers all i need.Its a very relaxed no stress travel experience.

9th Nov 2017, 10:03
Also into my second year and joined in response to the queues you mention, well worth the expense I have the full membership which allows access to the Lounges inbound and outbound no queues inbound or outbound I would certainly recommend it.

12th Nov 2017, 20:17

I worked in NL for several years and the inbound non-Schengen passport queues can be a real drag.

My personal best is from the station platform to gate D2 in 7 minutes.

14th Nov 2017, 10:37
You'd have to visit the Privium office in order to complete the iris scan and paperwork. This office is ground side I believe and so you can't drop in there so easily on a transit. I think though that is a well worth while thing to have and will be signing up for it in the new year when i do have occasion to go ground side at EHAM. The passport queues as between non Schengen and Schengen are a disgrace entirely due to undermanning but a real flight missing hassle for all that.

14th Nov 2017, 12:13
I had it years ago and was well worth it then. Passport queues at AMS were a real nightmare sometimes. Seem to remember the security check was at the gate? Parking not really worth it. You just got to park a little bit nearer the bus stop. Might have all changed since I was last doing that route regularly.