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Mr Mac
3rd Nov 2017, 13:19
Dear SLF
I have an internal flight out of an airport called George in SA connecting onto EK flight at Cape Town to head back up to DXB. Having checked on Skytrax I could not find any info on the place, so thought I would ask in this forum for info from fellow SLF who may have transited recently. I beleive it to be populer with Garden route tourists. I have a 8.00am flight and just wondered what facalities and security transit was like at that time.

Thanks in anticipation

3rd Nov 2017, 15:10

3rd Nov 2017, 17:06
Used it a dozen times of more, last was in Feb rhis year. It's a VERY good regional airport, not big not small. Good facilities, there is a biz/paid for lounge. I'd use GRJ anytime.

Mr Mac
3rd Nov 2017, 17:49
DaveReidUK / PAXboy
I appreciate the quick reply and comments and information. Trust our cabin to come back within 4 hrs of my post !

Have a good weekend all and remember to play sensibly with those fireworks !

3rd Nov 2017, 18:09
Flew into and out of George two weeks back. Small regional airport with about 8 check in desks and half a dozen departure gates (from which you walk to the plane). It should be quiet at that time of the day (it is quite busy later when 3 737s of Mango, Kulula and Safair more or less coincide). Nice coffee shop in the departure lounge; not much landside.

4th Nov 2017, 11:52
I think it would be worth using the airport just to go to the Wimpy!

Bender Brunch anyone?

5th Nov 2017, 18:06
Don't eat too much on the way down, can be a bit sporty on Easterly's..:E

Mr Mac
30th Nov 2017, 14:37
VC Tenderness
As Toscana says your Wimmpy has been replaced by a coffee shop I am sorry to report to you. Flight was late (SAA) but as you all said nice regional airport if a bit quiet when I was there (Only 9 depp and arrivals per day + Genral aviation). It reminded me a bit of Leeds Bradford circa late 70,s.

Thanks all for your info

30th Nov 2017, 17:39
The airport is very busy in the school hols. One December flight from GRJ to JNB (on SAA) was on a 747-300 and was pretty full!