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31st Oct 2017, 18:56
Back in July I was traveling with my family from LHR to MNL on PAL. A day before departure received a text message announcing that the flight was delayed by 13 hrs. Lots of plans truly messed up by such late arrival for which no reason was given.

I have written to PAL office at LHR to be told that they are just the 'ticket agent'.

Before I go the small claims route or use one of the multitude of on line ambulance chasers dealing with this, I would like to ask:

A. Has anyone actually been successful in a claim against PAL?

B. If so, how did you go about it?

I guess PAL is really 'Plane Always Late'!

31st Oct 2017, 19:55
Have you looked here? https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/about%20us/legalnotices/commitmenttocustomerpr2p/commitmenttocustomer

31st Oct 2017, 20:28
Indeed I have however, the introduction states it is applicable only in the USA. Clearly a different commitment to US pax! But thanks.

3rd Nov 2017, 18:28
Try section 11 of this document.

http://www.tourism.gov.ph/Downloadable%20Files/DOTC%20DTI%20JAO%20No1%20s%202012%20-%20Air%20Passenger%20Bill%20of%20Rights_10%20December%202012 .pdf

I was due to travel to Butuan but they cancelled the flight, told me to wait 3 days, successfully argued and got directed to Cagayan de Oro, food vouchers and money for the bus to Butuan.

Metro man
4th Nov 2017, 01:11
It took me SIX MONTHS to get a refund on a flight which they had cancelled, so good luck trying. AirAsia refunded me within two weeks on a flight which I had cancelled.

Harry Wayfarers
4th Nov 2017, 03:57
Lying is considered acceptable within the Philippines culture.

Nine years ago I was entitled to a refund for a Philippines Airlines fully flexible booking that I cancelled, in the end I gave up trying, they were just fobbing me off with excuse after excuse after excuse.

Meanwhile for some four of five years Cebu Air (Cebu Pacific) have owed me a few refunds, for the time being I have given up on those also.

If booking with an airline of the Philippines take out some travel insurance before you book!

4th Nov 2017, 06:45
Refund? PAL? You're kidding?!
The Philippines is close to a "Failed" state which is reflected in anything to do with the place..
Cebu Pacific? Don't get me going...

4th Nov 2017, 15:19
Complain to the UK's NEB, the CAA.


Impress to inflate
7th Nov 2017, 11:06
Good Luck !! I was in the Phillipines 18 months ago and had an airline issue, spent hours at the airport trying to get a refund, they lie like pr^cks, fob you off and send you to all departments of the airport. NEVER EVER FLY ANY PHILIPPINE AIRLINE OR VISIT THE DUMP.

7th Nov 2017, 12:05
Sounds a bit [a lot] like dealing with Turkish Airlines when you have a problem ...

7th Nov 2017, 14:37
The CAA has a lot of clout. They know the Regulation as well.

7th Nov 2017, 17:28
Why do you expect first world service from a third world carrier?

Harry Wayfarers
7th Nov 2017, 19:18
Last December a Philippines ferry operator managed to break two CV joints on the front axle of my car, by intructing me to do a seven point turn on an uneven floor surface that, from the driver's seat, I couldn't see, they told me I should complain to the port authotity when it was they, the ferry operator, at fault ... One just has to give up with these muppets!

Sounds a bit [a lot] like dealing with Turkish Airlines when you have a problem ...

Yep, many a tear ago when I travelled to TAS Turkish managed to lose my suitcase in IST for a week, it was the Turkish rep in TAS that had told my then girlfriend that the compo was $50 per day, an average salary in Uzbekistan at the time was $30 a month, so when I got back home I contacted them "right, I'll have $400 please", they tried to fob me off with :mad: but I stood my ground and I got it.

8th Nov 2017, 17:02
[thread drift] I shall never go on Turkish again, now I know how they treat their full fare Biz pax! The cabin service was very good, everything on the ground, including IST was ghastly.

Harry Wayfarers
9th Nov 2017, 09:50
Back to the Philippines ... A local ticket seller questioned me this morning why I should doubt Magnum Air (Skyjet) operating their 32 year old geriatric jets in/out of short runways!


9th Nov 2017, 19:33
They saved on the taxi fare from the airport to the beach. ;-)

They were operating regularly when I was recently in Manila.

Metro man
11th Nov 2017, 08:14
Here's a link if anyone wants more info on the accident.

Accident: Skyjet B462 at Balesin Island on Oct 19th 2013, overran runway on landing (http://avherald.com/h?article=46a2baaf&opt=256)