View Full Version : Report suggests that former UN Secretary-General's DC-6 crash was not an accident

26th Oct 2017, 15:46

26th Oct 2017, 16:24
Supposedly shot down by a home-brewed armed Magister supplied to the Katangan rebels by the French and flown by a Belgian mercenary pilot.

Or so it has been rumoured for years ...

26th Oct 2017, 16:28
I always thought that this was the most open of secrets

Heathrow Harry
26th Oct 2017, 16:58
Wow! I can remember it happening and there wasn't soul on the planet who didn't reckon it was murder

26th Oct 2017, 17:09
There's no news like old news is there.
It's like the 'discovery' of Lancastrian remains in the Andes in '98 which were previously 'discovered' just after it crashed.