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11th Oct 2017, 21:23
Dubai Airport is replacing the security counter with 'face-scanning fish' - Independent.ie (http://www.independent.ie/world-news/middle-east/dubai-airport-is-replacing-the-security-counter-with-facescanning-fish-36218855.html)

It's all getting very sci-fi isn't it ?

12th Oct 2017, 12:37
They are telling the pax that, if they are lying - the shark will get them.

13th Oct 2017, 08:34
Nothing new. Last time I went through a UK airport my bag was searched by a sour old trout. But I'm assured that full body searches are supervised by fully qualified sturgeons...

13th Oct 2017, 11:58
All very drole ;-) I wonder what the legal ramifications are for such systems, as in are you giving permission to the owners of the cameras to be scanned and put on a database simply by walking through the fishy tunnel ? Those UK airport cameras that have the spinning spiral around the lens to attract you to look at them, seem to be of the same ilk and occupy a legal grey area imo...."I am a name, not a number!"

13th Oct 2017, 13:05
If you want in then you either agree or go home.

Its pretty simple.

cee cee
16th Oct 2017, 13:20
I see a problem with this system.

With a conventional security camera or counter, passengers expect to be photographed or viewed, so they will coorporate by looking at the right place.

With this digital fish display, unless they put up a message at the beginning to "Look at the fish", frequent travellers are likely to bury their nose in their electronic device or be looking at anything else other than the pretty display that they have seen many times before.

In addition, are they after a left and right profile photos as well as the usual front on photo? That is the only reason I can see for them to have a dynamic image of fishes - to make you turn your head.

17th Oct 2017, 08:45
But I'm assured that full body searches are supervised by fully qualified sturgeons...

Jeez - there's a nightmare for us Scots.