View Full Version : Anyone out there who was at Gatow in 1994?

11th Oct 2017, 01:22

This photo is one of a series, showing Chipmunks WG466, WG478 and WG486 flying over Berlin in 1994. It's been captioned as a flypast either for the Queen's Birthday Parade or the final parade of the French/US/British Berlin Garrison. But which? Or was it a combined event?

The problem with the disbandment parade scenario is that, according to it's Record Card, WG478 was flown back to the UK on 17.6.1994, i.e. the day BEFORE the disbandment parade.

Can anyone shed any light on this, please?

India Four Two
11th Oct 2017, 04:41

I can't help with your question, but it's a lovely photo of a "loose battle formation". ;)

If any of my instructors had been flying, the wingtips would have been overlapping!

I was once in a cross-country flight of four Chipmunks being ferried to Binbrook for a UAS Summer Camp. To impress the locals (tough to do when you are arriving at a Lightning base!), the Boss had briefed a run-in and break.

On arrival at Binbrook, the instructors formed up into a box and we descended in very tight formation at about 120 kts. My instructor, who was no slouch at formation flying, was a bit concerned about No. 4, whose propellor was underneath the Boss's tailwheel! :eek:

I wish I'd had a camera.

11th Oct 2017, 19:07
Just for you, I42 - this one's a little tighter:


A few years ago, I managed to stand on the "Gatow" sign!