View Full Version : Pix/Video Footage of FRADU Hunters

13th Jul 2002, 21:43

Does any list members have any photos of FRADU Hunters and Canberras? I am the poor sap that runs the FRADU Hunters web-site and am always on the look-out for new material.

Also does anyone have any video footage of the FRADU Hunter aerobatics team The Blue Herons?
They flew a 4-ship Hunter team, debutting at Yeovilton's 1975 Air Day, and participated at airshows across the UK until being disbanded in September 1980.
They won the Shell Oil Trophy at IAT77, after finishing 2nd place the year previously.
They were ressurected especially for one-off appearances at Yeovilton's 1984 and 1986 Air Days.

If anyone has any of the above please feel free to get into contact with me.

Thanks in advance