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Another Number
1st Jun 2017, 05:55

(The thread deserves to die!)

1st Jun 2017, 08:27
I disagree.
I think everyone should be across this. Some will say that the Unions are at fault, many will question whether fatigue is the real culprit.
Personally I think CASA has a lot to answer for in situations like this but we won't know until someone more tech savvy than me posts the relevant Metars.

1st Jun 2017, 08:35
I blame this present government.

The Green Goblin
1st Jun 2017, 08:50
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1st Jun 2017, 08:51
A bit like 'global warming' being caused by us!!!

I'm IGNORING it ALL...!!!!!

No Cheers, NOPE, NONE at ALL..!!!!!!!!!:{:{

Russell Kaymer
1st Jun 2017, 11:36
This should be a sticky.

MJA Chaser
1st Jun 2017, 11:48
Why cant you guys just keep your unfounded speculation to your selves. The family will be reading this. Wait till the report comes out and then we will know what actually happened.

1st Jun 2017, 11:51
What about the children - won't somebody PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN??*


*Rolf Harris need not apply

1st Jun 2017, 11:59
The proper rot by channel X's "Aviation Expert" on this topic defies belief!

1st Jun 2017, 12:10
Blame Microsoft, they even created this thing called FlightSim - a pre-requisite for posting on R&N.

1st Jun 2017, 12:39
The crass inanity beggars belief. Were I not so averse to the preponderance of the cliche I'd say "get a life". And when she delivered her considered reply to volumes of irrefutable logic, the best she could utter was "whatever".
Well, don't mind me, but that encapsulates the sheer mind-blowing inconsequentiality of all these specious arguments.

Sellers said it all when he said "in the light of present day development, existing conditions are not likely. On the contrary . . .. "

Another Number
1st Jun 2017, 15:39
Okay, now under the cover of darkness, I'll re-post the explosive passage that they tried to hide!

EXCLUSIVE! The Truth Behind MH370
Chief Aviation Expert, Geoffrey Thomas

Despite extensive, coordinated efforts by Authorities, Governments, and "The Man" to prevent publication of the truth, today I can reveal the shocking truth behind the loss of Flight MH370.

The year was 2014. It was March in Asia as well as in the Southern Hemisphere, and the home-grown cockpit-pilots-in-command of doomed Flight MH370, who were known to Authorities, embarked on a calmly calculated plan. That plan - to pilot a commercial airliner between two cities. That much we know. The aircraft was scheduled to depart from an airport, and, interestingly, to land at one as well. But little did the World know, that the doomed plane would not be landing at an airport (or airfield, as experts call it).

The world was shocked. And horrified. How could a Big Category aircraft simply disappear off the radars?

Enter the conspiracy! Shocking, as it may seem, however Our Governments are hiding The Truth from you, the simple public, as well as your humble expert scribe.

Yet, with the full resources of the Seven Network, the World's Greatest Aviator (and Chief Expert), your humble scribe has uncovered the Horrible Truth...

Clear and Overwhelming Evidence

In recently uncovered documents, obtained at the greatest personal risk by this correspondent, heavily redacted for my own protection, Clear and Overwhelming evidence of an illegal and reprehensible practice is apparent. That practice my dear readers? ChemTrails(R). Yes, you heard correctly! ChemTrails(R) - those insidious streams of Evil propagated by Authorities, Governments, and "The Man".

And, in a revelation that will shake our Democracy to its very core, I can exclusively reveal, that

Captain Dart
1st Jun 2017, 22:23
I blame Trump, Abbott and the other Nazis. (Godwin's Law always comes into play sooner or later). And I'm still going to move to Canada.

Mangi Fokker
1st Jun 2017, 23:42
Fake news .

2nd Jun 2017, 00:40
The RVRs at the time were:

Threshold: 200meters. Mid point: 200meters. The Rest: 150meters.

Dangly Bits
2nd Jun 2017, 01:16
I'm joining the Flat Earth Society because they have chapters all over the globe.

Long Live Chemtrails.

thunderbird five
2nd Jun 2017, 06:25
Similar to:


2nd Jun 2017, 06:44
Anyone got the METARS?

tail wheel
2nd Jun 2017, 08:43
Play nice!! :=

3rd Jun 2017, 16:04
Play nice!! :=


Please, moderator, let us keep this playground!

3rd Jun 2017, 16:18
I think it's too harsh to blame Trump. We should blame Clinton instead for stitching him up

4th Jun 2017, 00:46
Please crablab, nothing approaching the truth on this thread!

Ida down
4th Jun 2017, 03:22
I disagree.
I think everyone should be across this. Some will say that the Unions are at fault, many will question whether fatigue is the real culprit.
Personally I think CASA has a lot to answer for in situations like this but we won't know until someone more tech savvy than me posts the relevant Metars.It's Abbott's fault.

4th Jun 2017, 20:43
I would be surprised if any of the above posters are even professional pilots!

4th Jun 2017, 21:43
CASA really need to regulate this. Far too many people thinking for themselves.

5th Jun 2017, 04:27
Yeah, get back into the box!

C'mon guys, the press will be sniffing around here, so let's keep it strictly to rumours. Suffice it to say that some of the 'facts' above should be taken with a healthy pinch, or even grain of salt.

(This is all strictly off-record, nudge nudge, wink wink, so please do NOT quote me on any of this.)

5th Jun 2017, 09:13
. . . . and to top it all off you get ning-nongs saying those of the biggus dickus biggest wrist watch wanking wunderkinds on the whole hardly know their arse-holes from breakfast which is the cream of the joke for it should be obvious to anyone with half a mind to go back and back and see who said what to whom who was up who and who was paying the rent that former members of the TAA junior fliers club for instance now lurk in the comfort of their own minds and bearded like the pard give vent to sundry views that reveal a relevant past and while casting no nasturtiums reserve the right to not take the bait or run with it for at the going down of the sun it will be dark enough

5th Jun 2017, 09:53
I would be surprised if any of the above posters are even professional pilots!
Good point. I've never had a conversation this honest on the flight deck.

5th Jun 2017, 11:38
honest ? honesty is the best policy (or. . . "Honour's Tea is the best, Polly, .. see?")

But on the other very fair hand you may like to have your cake and eat it in which case
it is impossibly confusing and can leave you up the creek without a paddle on a cold winter's day
muttering to your yourself sh** -oh-dear they told me you can't have your kayak and heat it..

and in all honesty to tell the truth without a word of a lie those word-plays are the invention
of either Frank Muir or Dennis Norden or both as the case may be. . ..

5th Jun 2017, 19:50
. . . the kettle of life whistles on the hob . . .. . ( and all the world a solemn stillness holds . .. . save where the big fella beats upon the western gate) so just remember many a time and oft the over-zealous functionary was cautioned that his attitude and his actions would bring down upon his head sore trials and that the wailing and the gnashing of the teeth would be as pin-pricks .. . still . .. . the mind-numbing analysis never let up . . .and the glazing over resembled the finish . .. for all the world . . . . upon a great pastry just out of an MKR oven . . . .

Then again . … it could all be rhetoric .. . . it could be just simply an allergy for something too .. . .