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16th May 2017, 06:01
Hello all,

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I wanted to transfer my 737 rating from ICAO license to my CASA license. But the problem is my ICAO license say SIC in it. And I do have 2000 over hours on 737.

Can you guys please help me with the ways to sort this thing out?

Appreciate any help.

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16th May 2017, 06:46
Just give CASA a call. They will give you an idea on what you can do.

16th May 2017, 08:26
But the problem is my ICAO license say SIC in it. And I do have 2000 over hours on 737.

The CASA Part 61 Rules do not a provision for a co-pilot type rating. Only a command type rating. Regardless of the number of hours you have flown on the 737 means nothing as far as CASA is concerned. It means that unfortunately you will have to start all over again and undergo a full 737 type rating within Australia (or an acceptable to CASA ICAO State) before CASA will place the type on your Australian licence. Even then the ICAO State needs to have a simulator approved by CASA and a training organisation also accepted by CASA. There is no short cut available around all this.
Email FCL CASA to get the facts is the best way to go initially.

16th May 2017, 08:35
CASA will put the B737 rating on your Part 61 licence, however in the conditions/licence remarks section they will put a comment saying "Limited to non-PIC duties on the following aircraft: B737"

This is what they did for one of my old turboprop endorsements where I only completed a co-pilot endorsement on it.

16th May 2017, 11:44
Hey thanks a lot for all your replies. Highly appreciated.