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12th May 2017, 20:20
From the CASA website that guides us on fatigue management and the implementation of CAO 48.1....

"In early May 2017, CASA announced the commencement of a contract to conduct the independent review. Subsequent to the announcement, CASA was advised that key specified personnel were not available to conduct the review to the extent planned. As a result CASA has terminated the contract.

CASA remains committed to conducting an independent review of fatigue rules and further details will be announced once a new contract is in place"

It appears that CASA has the Midas Touch - everything it touches turns into a muffler.

12th May 2017, 20:47
Everything is proceeding exactly as planned... status quo to infinity & beyond.

Tuck Mach
13th May 2017, 01:49
CASA allowed three years for the industry to work up the data on their roster practice.

resting periods were to be in accommodation, not in transport
"unforeseen operational circumstances" were the only way duties could be extended over statutory limits. (not east coast summer CB)
rest periods were inviolate.

Of course the operators did not have the data and could not crew the flying, so CASA kicked the can down the road...

With Qantas (am told) now critically short across most fleets and ranks, serious issues with training capacity, expect more can kicking..

Anyone considering extending should consider exactly what the new regulations allow (and consider fatiguing) before making the decision to leave the protection of the statutory limits..

15th May 2017, 09:39
I had to quickly check what year it was, that's right 2017. Ah remember it well 17 plus years ago when FMS and CAO 48.1 was on the verge of being introduced. Remember the countless hours etc not to mention company money coming up with measurable, compliant systems (aka rosterable) etc.

Gosh, how things have changed, any time soon we will have the implementation of sound fatigue management systems. Any day now. Wake me up in 17 years time will you?

15th May 2017, 09:52
....Wake me up in 17 years time will you?

I'll be happy if I'm still waking up in 17 years.