View Full Version : CASA's new Sir Humphrey.

8th May 2017, 04:27
Well the applications closed a while ago and some people didn't even get their phone calls returned by the Chairman.

Who's it going to be this time. $5.00 on Dick. :rolleyes:

8th May 2017, 04:37
Probably be the result of some "amazing new experiment" by the HR professionals, the final three will comes down to a TV celebrity chef, Jackie Lambie or Garry Ablett.

thorn bird
8th May 2017, 05:53
Mike Smith got knocked back for "Lack of experience" and he was an ex deputy DAS.
There's absolutely no way Pumpkin head, Anastasi, or Alec are going to let anyone remotely likely to actually reform the place anywhere near the job, so Jackie Lambie is probably a good bet.

Mr Approach
8th May 2017, 08:26
The current acting DAS has already been selected, the rest is window dressing...