View Full Version : G-ACSS Comet 'Grosvenor House'

11th Jul 2002, 09:40
Has this plane flown yet from Old Warden's lengthened strip?

11th Jul 2002, 20:27
She was going to make her first flight from the new strip on Sunday last, 7th July. She taxied out but, much to the disappointment of all present, returned to the flight line having suffered a mag drop. Haven't heard if she's managed to get airborne since.

17th Jul 2002, 07:10
Thanks for the info.

Any chance of giving us a 'heads up' next time it is due to fly so I can keep a sharp eye to the skies (living just over the hill in Shefford).

17th Jul 2002, 09:42
I didn't know that she was due to fly that day - I just turned up for the show and the first I knew about it was when the display commentator announced that the Comet was taxying "for her first flight since the mid-nineties".

17th Jul 2002, 11:34
There's an evening display on Saturday, but sadly she's not on the flying list...

Can't wait to see her fly again.

26th Jul 2002, 20:48
i realise a mossie isnt a comet but it is derived from it. does anyone know whats happenned to kermit weeks mossie? ive seen video of it flying in the states but dont know when that video was taken.

26th Jul 2002, 22:59
Kermit's Mossie is still (I think) currently installed in the EAA Museum at Oshkosh. I went there last year but don't recall seeing it, but as there many other types in the building I'd never seen before, and I did see N35MK fly with the late G-ASKH at Biggin in 1987, it might - just - be excusable!

The aircraft is apparently sufferi g from delamination and is in dire need of a lot of Tender Loving Glueing. Hopefully Kermit will eventually get around to it and get stuck in.

In the meantime, UK fans will have to wait for TFC to get around to their Mossie - the Beaufighter, Sea Fury, P-51C, Gladbag and several Yaks are ahead in the queue. In the meantime, let's hope BAe acquire one of the other projects that are underway in Canada or Aus.

27th Jul 2002, 06:29
Further diverting the thread towards Mossies, what happened with the NDT that was being done on the Mossie in the Mosquito Museum that featured in the Aeroplane 6 months (or so)ago??

They were using x-ray NDT of the kind used for "bombing" welds and being quite successful at it. As I recall they were trying to establish standards/procedures for x-raying wooden structures to find delaminations, glue failures etc. X-raying a wooden spar is expensive but cheaper than stripping it down to find nothing wrong with it!

Hap Hazard
4th Aug 2002, 15:39
Whats the latest news on Black Magic, she is supposed to be getting along nicely in the Derby area.
Anyone got any news?

5th Aug 2002, 08:03
Have a look at www.blackmagic.abelgratis.com - seems to be coming on well.