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2nd Apr 2017, 10:12
Hi guys,

I did a virtual short circuit of YBBN using a PC based flight simulator today, but to try see how to record a flight, but had a chat while doing it. For those who fly at YBBN, does it look pretty realistic, for a $70 bit of software? Also, any tips and tricks would be great. Sort of, a virtual flying school. :) Constructive, or course.

I'm not a pilot. I did 10 hours of a recreational licence, before the school put me off flying, which still hurts, but that was 7 years back. Anything I do in this video is from those lessons. So a lot has been forgotten, and I never went anywhere near YBBN! (It was at YCAB).

If you watch, thanks! Hope it doesn't make you cringe too much. :E


It's a C172. Next, the B737. :bored:

tail wheel
2nd Apr 2017, 20:48
Spare us the FS!!! :mad: