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10th Jul 2002, 16:29
Well, you lot are a wealth of useful information, so...

A decade or more ago I borrowed a couple of novels from the library - one was about a USAF pilot who flew F-105s in Vietnam, and I think F-4s. It' was basically about the life and times of USAF aircrew during the peiod and presumably was based on the experiences of the author. His name was Kelly something, might have been Robbins, but I might have be confused with several USAF bases! Certainly can't remember the title...

The other was about an airport in the Adirondack Mountain area in NY State and the goings on at the FBO there over a few years... can't remember author or title but there was a bit where one of the chief characters gets caught in a storm over the airport in a 337... bit vague I know!

I'd like to read them again so if anyone can help with authors/titles I'd be delighted to hear from you!




20th Jul 2002, 11:21
While on the subject of books. Can anyone tell me where I can locate a copy of a book called Typhoon - Tempest - Mosquito. The authors of each story in the book (soft covered) were Roland Beaumont, Arthur Read, and Chas Bowyer.

Also a fine book just out is Typhoon Warfare by Tom Hall DFC. Tom flew Typhoons during the D day invasion and his book is fascinating. He lives in Melbourne, Australia

21st Jul 2002, 15:52

I think the first one you mention might be Thud Ridge?