View Full Version : A320 ENG BLEED HI TEMP

9th Feb 2017, 03:34
Hi all,

Does anyone understand the ECAM procedure for the said fault?

It states that for wing anti-ice off, we are to turn off the opposite pack. Why?

9th Feb 2017, 07:36
If the BMC detects a bleed high temperature then the engine bleed valve automatically closes. You now have only one bleed supply. If you want to use the WAI then you have to turn off one pack as the system physically can't manage to supply both packs AND the WAI with just a single bleed supply.

9th Feb 2017, 12:37
Agree with you, and is there a reason why the procedure doesn't call for the affected engine bleed to off? And why not turn off the affected side pack? Even if we turn the opposite side pack off for pre-cooler performance, why doesn't the procedure tell us to open the crossbleed?

9th Feb 2017, 18:31
Whenever there is single bleed ECAM asks you to open cross bleed which opens the failed bleed pack for two pack operation. But in case of WAI use this pack needs to be closed as it can sustain only one pack operation.

24th Mar 2020, 15:08
Actually, this is a very special one of all of ECAM procedures.

It can be triggered only when ENG BLEED FAULT precedure for the opposite engine has been carried out, which result in (engine 1, for example):
- Engine BLEED 1: OFF
- XBLEED valve: OPEN
- PACK 1 & 2: both LO

Then comes this ENG BLEED HI TEMP procedure. When the temperature reach 240℃, quite near the threhold value 257℃ which would triggered a ENG BLEED FAULT alert and DBL (Dual Bleed Loss), FWC inform pilots to reduce bleed usage:

Compared with the former "PACK 1 & 2: both LO" situation, will the remaining BLEED 2 feel cooler? YES!

BTW, you should read "A320 Family / A330 Prevention and Handling of Dual Bleed Loss" in Safety first #13 January 2012 for this issue.