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26th Jan 2017, 07:21
Hey guys...

Anyone got a insight to whats happening with general movement at ANZ and recruitment for the links this year? Good? bad?


26th Jan 2017, 07:24
HR said despite minimum being 500 TT, it's gonna be 1200+ TT that will be likely to be hired.

26th Jan 2017, 23:50
Take this as a grain of salt, but it is hearsay.

Before you apply to Air NZ link, if you have a goal to get into Air NZ Jet, the link operation will not be the best option.

Although the official line is that the Jet fleet prefer to take link pilots, there is always a clear preference to take people from outside the group. It does make sense, it is cheaper to take them from outside.

There are significant numbers of link pilots heading for other jet operators and from what I have heard, morale in the link operation is going downhill fast.

27th Jan 2017, 01:10
If you want to get into Air NZ as an external you'll need Jet Time (yes, there are exceptions). To get a Jet Job you need some Twin-Turbine ATO time, which you'll find in the Links. So the above point is rather moot for someone with 500 hours.

However, for those who have short memories, or didn't start flying until 2012, I'd be very careful making career decisions based on recent events.

(Some) Link Pilots love to moan about external hiring but they could really do with a dose of reality. How many of them were hired with minimal (500+) hours due to the rapid expansion of Mount Cook? How many of them are now enjoying ATR Commands in their mid 20's after a few short years due to expansion? Well guess what? That expansion which got you a Job is why Air NZ hasn't called you to the Jets... the Links need Captains and many FO's lack the experience required to upgrade.

The goal posts in this job are always moving in our part of the world, so I wont get hung up on "Back in my day" (when you needed 1500+ Multi for Nelson/Cook), but what I will say is we all get stuck in a seat at some point in our careers. Be thankful you're stuck in an Dash/ATR rather than instructing in a C172.

Yes, I gather Link Pilots are leaving for Jet Jobs and good on them, they're advancing their careers and upskilling. Kudos. But, contrary to popular gossip, just because some Link Pilots found leaving the group a quicker route to Air NZ doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

That being said, Air NZ is just another Job. And the (eventual) LHS of a Jetstar A320 aint a bad life if that's where you get "stuck".

3rd Feb 2017, 15:28
I read you guys talk about external hiring. Do you know if they have ever hired European crew?

3rd Feb 2017, 22:15
I think you'll find the "external hiring" refers to Air New Zealand jet fleet hiring from outside the Air New Zealand group, not the hiring of foreigners.

To answer your question, Yes, they hire non New Zealand crew, BUT you will need to meet New Zealand immigration requirements.

You also need to realise, unless you have Jet time you will only be recruited onto one of the turbo prop fleets.

4th Feb 2017, 01:30
Where is the LIKE button for ElZilcho's post? :D:D:D

Ollie Onion
4th Feb 2017, 06:32
My mate in Jetstar NZ (left seat) made $236,000 last year and is on track to better that this year. 11 days off per month and good crew mean that Jetstar really is not that bad a place to be 'stuck'. Latest command candidates have 4 years in the Company and are for the most part in their late 20's. Don't obsess so much about Air NZ Jet fleet at such an early stage of your career, if someone offers you a flying job, bite their hand off, you don't know how things are going to develop in the future.

4th Feb 2017, 08:31
$236,000 holy F$(*#@@$$$%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%

4th Feb 2017, 08:46
I say good on ya - $236 K that's not bad for driving a minibus. Interesting why so many leave though.:confused:

Ollie Onion
4th Feb 2017, 09:10
Same reasons people leave anywhere:

- Some feel they should be earning the same as their Aussie Conterparts
- Some want more money (think China)
- Some want to go and fly Long Haul (bigger aircraft)
- Some hate Management
- Many of the NZ FO's are young and can't resist Air NZ for the job / career stability (who can blame them).
- Some see no future when the low cost rostering can be very fatiguing (how do you do it for the next 30 - 40 years?

What I am saying is take the job that gets offered, if you end up at a place like Jetstar then it is a great place to learn your trade and earn decent money while you try for the move you really want, if it doesn't work out trying to get into Air NZ then atleast you are in a good job while you assess your options.

4th Feb 2017, 09:44
Don't get me wrong, I would accept Jetstar as well! I just wanted to better understand the market over there. Thanks guys.

5th Feb 2017, 00:41
Chasing the holy grail hmm....$236 K PA for living in NZ and flying a modern jet is up there as a top job. Yes, there are always perceived better opportunities elsewhere ( Air NZ the exception perhaps).