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8th Jul 2002, 11:31
Does any one know the max thrust of these engines when operated on the DC-10-10? What would your max take-off mass be? Any other problems with the aircrafts engine performance?

8th Jul 2002, 19:55
CF-6-6K's produce about 41,000 lbs thrust.

DC-10-10's as a rule weigh 443,000 lbs maximum ramp weight and 430,000 lbs maximum brake release weight.

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10th Jul 2002, 06:22
You asked for more data regarding the CF-6-6K engine.

Okay, here's what I found on the engine type.

Maximum Thrust 41,500 lbs thrust (184.6 kN), pressure ratio 24.3 : 1 bypass ratio 5.76:1, 1 86.4 in. 38-blade fan, 1 LP compressor stage, 16 HP compressor stages, 2 stage HP turbine, 5 stage LP turbine. Length is 172.5 in total length.

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10th Jul 2002, 08:15
Thanks very much :)