View Full Version : 789 LAME Introduction pay deal

griffin one
19th Jan 2017, 21:05
Waiting for the roadshows to sell this deal.
Cant see any positives so far.

19th Jan 2017, 22:27
Give us non QF engineering types the gist of it pretty please??? So that we might all have something to discuss here.

19th Jan 2017, 23:57
Where do I sign up

21st Jan 2017, 19:38
New aircraft dont need engineers

21st Jan 2017, 19:52
New aircraft dont need engineers

If you are talking about the 787, think again. :O

21st Jan 2017, 22:50
New aircraft dont need engineers

I am starting to agree with you.

This deal looks good to me. Definately got my vote.

Slim Dog
22nd Jan 2017, 07:09
Yep. This deal is a bargain....for the company that is.

Nassensteins Monster
8th Feb 2017, 01:03
Qatar are offering $300K for JQ 789 LAMEs to go to the Sandpit. I think they might get a few takers. I ❤️ Globalization. If it's good enough for our CEOs to demand high salaries because they operate in a global market, then it's good enough for LAMEs. Let's see what Sandra counters with.

10th Feb 2017, 04:43
I wonder how much these c***'s will walk away with if or when they get their way!

IAW - is that you GT?

To pilots and airport managers - you're going to need to lower your expectations considerably. The product served to the airline from engineering is in decline, I believe, and I believe you can expect that to sink further. Don't bite the people at the gate, it is the idiots above that call the shots.