View Full Version : Cessna 172 crash-lands on Queensland beach

10th Jan 2017, 01:36
Reports are coming in a of a Cessna 172 that declared a pan-pan and which then crash-landed on a QLD beach - Middle Island beach - N of the town of 1770, around 10:45Hrs local time this morning (10/01/17).

Current reports are that the aircraft is inverted, has "a broken wing", and that there are 4 POB, at least one of which is unconscious.

Road access to the crash site is being hampered by the fact that the sole beach access road is only accessible at low tide.
However, SAR helicopters are believed to be currently on site and attending to the victims. It is reported the flight was "tourist-oriented", so I'm guessing a sightseeing flight.

Breaking News - plane crashes on beach near Agnes Water. (http://www.westerntimes.com.au/news/breaking-plane-crashes-beach-near-agnes-water/3130224/)

PPRuNe Towers
10th Jan 2017, 09:17