View Full Version : 747-400 Nav Rad VOR Frequency Tuning

9th Jan 2017, 11:20
Chaps and chap-esses... I have no access to the aircraft or sim at the moment... but if you are sitting on the ground in a 747-400 and enter the frequency of a local VOR manually on the Nav Rad page, that is, not by entering the identifier, will the identifier on the same line appear...

1) instantly? (using part of the FMC database listing non-conflicting stations within a specified range of the aircraft)
2) after the station has been decoded (i.e. around the time the ND shows the identifier)?
3) not at all?

If you manually tune the frequency of a VOR station which is, say 150nm from the aircraft (i.e. normally out of receiver range on the ground) will you get an identifier on the NAV RAD page?

Will there be any changes if the local station is a DME-only (with a VOR frequency)


9th Jan 2017, 22:15
P.S. A fourth option might be that the FMC picks the closest navaid with that frequency in its database

10th Jan 2017, 09:08
Option 4 is how it works. Be very careful if you chose to enter freq rather than ident.

10th Jan 2017, 19:40
Just tried this on a 747-8 on the ground and Mustafagander is correct. Selecting frequency on CDU NAV RAD pg immediately brought up the identifier of a VOR with that frequency on the CDU (a VOR some 200nm away, presumably the closest to present position). On the ND, the frequency showed up instead of the identifier, and of course never identified as too far away. DME showing three dashes as well.

10th Jan 2017, 23:07
Thanks, gents...
Much appreciated.