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6th Jul 2002, 20:27
Several years ago I read a fiction book built around air racing in the US - it seemed to me that much was based on fact. Has anyone got any ideas (think the word blue was somewhere in the title. ???

7th Jul 2002, 01:20
All I can find is a trilogy by Walter J Boyne tracing the history of US aviation from start to close. The first is about the golden age of aviation, 1927 to 1937. it is based around two pilots, American Frank Bandfield and expatriate German Bruno Hafner, who compete against each other for prize money and industrial and military contracts.

The 3 books in the trilogy are:
Trophy for eagles
Eagles at War
Air Force Eagles.

Boyne also wrote "Into the Blue" and "Beyond the Blue".

7th Jul 2002, 15:09
Magic thanks -- I think you've solved it for me Thankyou.

Lu Zuckerman
8th Jul 2002, 00:22
To: bingoboy

If you are interested in the history of the Cleveland Air Races type in Cleveland Air races on the address bar and click Go. Here are two of the many sites dealing with the Golden Age of Aviation.



9th Jul 2002, 22:28
Thanks Lu, Do you know if Pobjoy engines were ever used ?

Lu Zuckerman
10th Jul 2002, 00:24
To: bingoboy

I did a search on Pobjoy engines on Google and based on what I found I doubt seriously if they were used at the Cleveland air races. However when I attended the races in 1937 I was 61/2 years old so I was not very aviation literate. In the 46 and 47 air races the unlimiteds were mainly US Military aircraft and the smaller categories had mainly flat opposed engines made in the USA.


I. M. Esperto
10th Jul 2002, 19:14
This is a good one:

I couldn't find a racer using the Pobjoy, but I did find this interesting ship: