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22nd Dec 2016, 05:25
Any word on the third airline?


Flight Operations Manager for Boeing 737NG start-up airline
The role will involved the following responsibilities:

The safe and efficient conduct of all flight operations
Representing the Company in discussions/audits/communication with the regulator in Australia (CASA) and appropriate industry bodies or authorities relating to flight operations
Ensuring the operation is conducted in compliance with all the relevant regulatory and company requirements relating to its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) with regard to flight operations
Providing the CEO with input into the business relating to flight operations, which enhances the business via increased productivity, cost benefits (but not at the expense of safety), risk management advice, and general senior management advice
Oversight and coordination of aircrew rosters
Ensuring aircrew maintain appropriate CASA or EASA qualifications as required, including licences and rating as well as recency requirements
Responsibilities for the company operations documentation
Recruitment and selection of flight operations personnel
Oversight of the aircraft flight planning, performance and weight and balance contract providers
The successful candidate will have the following skills and experiences:

A CASA and EASA ATPL with a current TRE rating on the B737 NG
A minimum of 3000 hours on the B737NG and 5000 hours total flight time
Strong organisational ability with a proactive approach
Minimum of 5 years' experience in senior flight operations management
Proven ability to interact with key reports, operations control and crew planning, training and cabin crew
Proven ability to interact with key stakeholders CEO, Head of Safety, Engineering, Cabin Services and Ground Services
Good communicator who promotes teamwork and a positive working environment
Must have Australian work rights
Be able to obtain a CASA approval as a TRE or be able to obtain the relevant qualification

Capn Bloggs
22nd Dec 2016, 06:12
Forget it. I've already applied!

22nd Dec 2016, 06:37
Providing the CEO with input into the business relating to flight operations, which enhances the business via increased productivity, cost benefits

base your airline in the USA, with N rego..

thank you, you will have my invoice soon.. no need to hire anyone here.

22nd Dec 2016, 07:02
Maybe Wagners !

22nd Dec 2016, 07:43
There's more than three airlines now isn't there?

22nd Dec 2016, 08:00
Crossconsult Pty Ltd ?

22nd Dec 2016, 08:06
Tiger are 12 months into its AOC application and even with Virgin's resources it's still going to be another few months before it goes ahead.

I can't imagine a fresh new operator getting a AOC within 2 years at least.

Metro man
22nd Dec 2016, 08:17
Don't they ever learn ???

22nd Dec 2016, 08:43
Perhaps it is the Chinese.

22nd Dec 2016, 09:11
Lion? They have threatened to start AU domestic on a number of occasions and they have a huge and growing fleet of 73H and 739s and need somewhere to put them...

22nd Dec 2016, 10:03
There was a announcement a few weeks back when Batik announced DPS-PER that they will go ahead with a Aussie domestic carrier so i also believe it is them.Aussie Batik was the planned name mentioned previously.

The Bullwinkle
22nd Dec 2016, 12:22
Batik Air gets green light for Australian fligh (http://www.airlineratings.com/news.php?id=933)

22nd Dec 2016, 19:58
Interesting on Far East forum appears a bit of nationalism from Indonesia with measures to "encourage" local airlines to employ local pilots.

Wonder if the "new" airline is either Batik or Lion maybe they've decided rather than deal with "difficult" rules in Indonesia just going straight to a subsid operation/AOC with Oz pilots based in Oz??


24th Dec 2016, 02:01
Even if they do get an AOC they've got Buckleys of getting a landing slot anywhere on the east coast let alone somewhere to park on a regular basis.

24th Dec 2016, 02:22
It is an interesting job profile more akin to a small one or two airframe GA operation not a high cap jet rpt operation.

5000 total time min but 3000 on the 737NG, Ability to obtain TRE approval, oversight everything known to mankind.

In a minimally resourced organisation the head of flight ops doesn't have the time to do check and training - though the description doesn't talk about HOFO approval, so either the people doing the consulting don't know about how a flight operations department is supposed to work or the people they are working for are oblivious and calling the shots, either way the person that takes this job is in for a flogging.

24th Dec 2016, 02:41
though the description doesn't talk about HOFO approval You seem to be suggesting that to be a HOFO you need prior HOFO approval? This is illogical and incorrect, one needs to be suitable to be approved by CASA as HOFO.

24th Dec 2016, 03:54
Icarus, not at all, just saying that there is no mention of HOFO approval anywhere.

It talks about being able to get TRE approval, talks about management experience, but nowhere does it say you need to get HOFO approval...nowhere did I suggest that you needed prior HOFO approval to get a future HOFO approval...that is illogical and incorrect :)

The other option, of course, is that this position isn't the post holder - something that seems to be creeping in these days where the person who runs flight ops sits on top (figuratively not literally!) the post holder, effectively leaving the HOFO holding the regulatory bag with all the responsibility and none of the authority.

Either way not a good place to be

24th Dec 2016, 05:23
all the responsibility and none of the authority
Sounds like most CP gigs now days.

Metro man
24th Dec 2016, 16:15
Lion Airs website lists 103 B737s and Batiks over 40 A320/B737. With the population of Indonesia and its rapidly growing middle class spread out over 18 500 islands a fleet size of around 400 aircraft is certainly possible. There are already off shoots of Lion Air operating in Thailand and Malaysia.

Obviously a serious player with considerable resources behind them. Their safety record is highly questionable but outside help has been brought in to try and improve things.

CASA have shown that they will not hesitate to ground anyone not playing by the rules and this would be top of the list of things to get right.

24th Dec 2016, 21:18
Here was the article in the Jakarta news

Jakarta. Lion Air Group's full service airline unit Batik Air is set to launch a Bali to Perth route after obtaining Air Operator Certification on Friday (25/11) which would allow the unit to extend its consumer base to Australia.
Under the Lion Air Group, Batik Air will be the second carrier to operate a route to Australia after the Malaysian-based Malindo Air its joint venture with Malaysia's National Aerospace and Defence Industries (NADI) launched its Kuala Lumpur to Perth route in 2015.
Lion Air Group president director Edward Sirait said under the permission by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Batik Air will be able to operate three aircraft Airbus A320-200, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900 in the round-trip flight to Australia.
"CASA is one of the world's most strict aviation regulator. This November, we have also been listed in the IATA Operational Safety Audit, or IOSA, as we managed to lift up off the European Union air safety blacklist," Edward Sirait said in a statement issued Sunday (27/11).
Lion Group chairman Rusdi Kirana said there are plans to establish a new carrier based in Australia, where local government policy permits airlines which are 100 percent foreign owned to operate domestic and international services.
"We want to start Batik Air route from Bali to Perth before establishing a new carrier in Australia," Rusdi said.
Batik air began operations in May 2013 with Boeing 737-900ERs leased from its holding company, Lion Air. The carrier now has a 37 aircraft strong fleet and operates 25 domestic routes and one international route to Singapore.
Australian tourists make up the largest group of foreign visitors to Bali. As of September this year, Australian tourists reached 850,326 up 6.6 percent from the same period last year at 727.678, according to data from Bali's central statistic agency.

24th Dec 2016, 22:19
HO HO HO MERRY HO HO's HO HO HO MERY HO FO's Wah!!!?? Wah is ho fo?
I thing you have plenty ho fo's

25th Dec 2016, 03:42
People don't care about safety ratings. The attitude is "it won't happen to me". Look at scareasia.

25th Dec 2016, 09:14
Strictly speaking you are correct Icarus, although CASA are unlikely to approve a HOFO of a hi cap jet op that hasn't had extensive previous management experience in either Flight ops or Trg and checking. That said, I'm with the charmer, it's going to be a flogging for the lucky candidate

Duck Pilot
25th Dec 2016, 20:49
There's quite a few very experienced Aussie pilots overseas wanting to come home who would fit the CASA profile to be appointed a HOFO or CP for a new startup airline.

25th Dec 2016, 21:23
The possible start up is Hevilift the ATR / Twin Otter / Helicopter operator in PNG/ Iindodessia. Their PNG / Cairns operation head office in based in Brisbane and they have looking at expanding into larger jet operations for years and in recent months these plans popped up again.

Roj approved
26th Dec 2016, 02:17
although CASA are unlikely to approve a HOFO of a hi cap jet op that hasn't had extensive previous management experience in either Flight ops or Trg and checking.

They did at Jetstar:-)

26th Dec 2016, 05:41
Yeah I guess you've got me on a technicality, although that's not really a fair comparison as we all know QF have, shall we say, an extremely good relationship with CASA :hmm:

26th Dec 2016, 05:51
surely the way to start a new 737 operation in Oz, would be for an existing New Zealand AOC operator. Think they could start flying domestically in OZ, tomorrow if they so chose to.

Understand NZCAA rules are much simpler, with very little reference to CASA.

27th Dec 2016, 07:51
Have they considered Fokker 50's? Reconfigured to lower weights to avoid security charges? Bueller??? Anyone??heard might be using saabs. Whatever aircraft is used it has to be under 20 tonnes as insane security costs would completely kill the few flights a week proposed

27th Dec 2016, 08:08
Welcome back BNEA320

tail wheel
27th Dec 2016, 21:42
Some wild imaginations at play here I think? :} :} :} :}

28th Dec 2016, 07:50
Could it be something for Adani and the flying ex Townsville expected for mid to late 2017. The new mine is supposed to have a strip able to support a "150 seat airliner"..