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20th Dec 2016, 06:14
Aerocommander 500s

Does Anyone have info on this machine or a POH copy I can have.

Looking for cruise figures @ 10k,12k,15k
Fuel burn,range,TAS

Cheers in advance.

21st Dec 2016, 00:59
I have a maintenance manual, training manual, and flight manual but none of them have the performance data you are after.

21st Dec 2016, 01:58
ok Thanks.

Do you by any chance have any figures from experience?

21st Dec 2016, 08:14
Never flown one above 10000', but at all levels up to 10000' I've always planned it at 110lph @ 165kt with a climb allowance of 15L below 5k' and 20L above 5k'. Add an extra 2 min for climb up to 5k' and 3 min for climb above. Standard fuel is 590L, however most are old and I've flown some with saggy fuel lines and a total usable of as low as 530L.

Some have aux tanks, some don't. I can't remember how big they are because I very rarely used them, but I think it was at least 100L a side. They just transfer into the main tanks.

TAS is also variable on how straight it is. Fastest one I've flown was about 172kt in the cruise, the slowest was about 163kt. 165kt was a good standard figure.

The POH figures are all pretty old and not particularly fantastic. Great little aeroplane though :) Solid as a rock, a pilots aeroplane, one of the better (but now aging) piston twins. Just don't ask for advice on how to taxi it properly. You'll figure it out... eventually....

21st Dec 2016, 09:55
Just don't ask for advice on how to taxi it properly. You'll figure it out... eventually.
One way or another.

21st Dec 2016, 12:34
I liked taxying it. I can see how it's a bit weird for some, but I liked it right from the start.

I really can't remember any flight planning stuff, data dumped the lot I think.