View Full Version : Does ETSO/TSO certification imply usage approval?

19th Dec 2016, 10:44

MY operator recently forbid usage of privately owned BOSE A20 headsets on A320 fleet.
Though this headset has FAA TSO and EASA ETSO certification, the operator's argument is that it is still not approved for usage on A320-aircraft.

Does every Headset still need to be certified on specific planes regardless of TSO/ETSO?

Can I find a list of approved headsets on 320s somewhere? (Google didn't help so far)

19th Dec 2016, 11:32
Generally, you should be looking for an aircraft specific approval.

The TSO ticket signs off on the Standards compliance for the bit of kit but doesn't (quite obviously) look at all the possible combinations of equipment configurations in the possible end aircraft. There is the very real possibility that installation of a new bit of kit might just be incompatible with the existing fitout for one reason or another.

Checking it out is the job of the maintenance/engineering organisation(s) responsible for the particular aircraft.