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9th Dec 2016, 06:21
Had a look at the 737 that did some 4x4 work. Grass all over the wheel well etc. Not a good week for Virgin.

9th Dec 2016, 06:32
Runway excursion involving Boeing 737, VH-VUI at Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 6 December 2016

Investigation number: AO-2016-166Investigation status: Active

Investigation in progress


During landing on runway 29, the aircraft encountered gusty wind conditions and veered off the runway, resulting in minor damage.

The ATSB has sent two investigators from the Brisbane office to Darwin, arriving the afternoon of 7 December 2016. They are from engineering and air traffic control disciplines and will conduct examination of the runway, surrounding area and aircraft as necessary. It is anticipated they will return to Brisbane on Friday 9 December. Further investigation work will centre around gathering operationally relevant information, including weather, landing data, air traffic control data and aircraft information.

The investigation is continuing.

Capn Bloggs
9th Dec 2016, 06:36
Surely it'll buff out?!

9th Dec 2016, 07:53
So who's got pictures?

9th Dec 2016, 08:53
Gusty and Windy?

YPDN 061330Z 29015KT 2000 +TSRA FEW011 BKN020 BKN035 FEW020CB 26/24 Q1010

Duck Pilot
9th Dec 2016, 09:00
I've got some pictures but I can't post them due to my incompetence with iPhones.

RHS aft fus also has damage, probably from the glass runway light lenses being thrown up. Both main tyres on the RHS are rooted, lots of grass in the well, no other visable significant damage.

I guess they will need to check the MLG trunions for possible sideways torsional damage.

9th Dec 2016, 09:01
ATSB specialists from engineering and air traffic control?

One has to wonder why a human factors and pilot expert weren't sent??

9th Dec 2016, 22:33

Capn Bloggs
9th Dec 2016, 22:37
Hubcaps missing? :eek:

Duck Pilot
10th Dec 2016, 00:45
Windshear may have been a contributing factor as it was a decent storm that went through at the time.

10th Dec 2016, 01:29
Nice clean gear too...

PS: no wheel cover fitted to inboard wheels..

10th Dec 2016, 01:42
I would be happy to lend them my gurni :ok::ok::ok:

Hoss 58

Capt Quentin McHale
11th Dec 2016, 00:05

"no wheel cover fitted to inboard wheels.."

Ummm... not required on inboard mains.


Left 270
11th Dec 2016, 00:56
How do you bugger up the Charlie challenge landing on RWY 29? ��

11th Dec 2016, 03:12
Left 270

Ask the check captain re landing on a 60 metre runway.

11th Dec 2016, 07:07
And it's happened before (QF in 2003).


11th Dec 2016, 07:31
from the safety action tab of that report.


The aircraft's deviation from the runway centreline during the final stages of
the flight was undetected and uncorrected by the pilot. This could indicate
that the visual cues available during the final stages of flight were insufficient
for the pilot to safely land the aircraft. Significantly, the pilot did not recognise
that those visual cues had diminished to such a point where he was unable to
control the lateral position of the aircraft over the landing runway.

Accordingly, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau makes the following recommendation.


The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Department
of Defence (airport infrastructure owner) and Darwin International Airport Pty
Ltd (civilian facilities operator) consider installation of centreline lighting and
touchdown zone lighting, consistent with CASA recommended practices
on runways wider than 50 m.

Yet it is still the same 13 years later.

Duck Pilot
11th Dec 2016, 07:58
Lots of similarities in terms of the conditions with regards to the TJB incident. ILS approach in heavy rain onto a wide sloping up runway at night. Runway centreline lighting might help prevent a similar occurrence.

11th Dec 2016, 11:20
Not just upsloping but several rises. On a dark and stormy night it is far from ideal.
How's the drw carpark?

11th Dec 2016, 22:03
It was a lunchtime arrival wasn't it?

11th Dec 2016, 22:32
It was a lunchtime arrival wasn't it?

No, according to the ATSB it happened at 2303 CDT.

Investigation: AO-2016-166 - Runway excursion involving Boeing 737, VH-VUI at Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 6 December 2016 (http://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2016/aair/ao-2016-166/)

12th Dec 2016, 02:39
Ta....added words...

12th Dec 2016, 03:16
I have no inside knowledge or opinion on this specific event, however forward vision in the Boeing 737 isn't anywhere near industry standard. Having just transferred to the B737, its just one of the many issues that plagues the B737. I feel it is the most difficult and disappointing aircraft on the western market. It's a testament to the Pilots who manage to keep it from daily serious events. Barvo!

12th Dec 2016, 03:19
Leatherdog that's because the aircraft was certified with the use of rain repellent which was then subsequently banned, but the window design remains.

12th Dec 2016, 05:03
That's also because the window and forward section is a testament to 1950s design.

It still looks good though :)

12th Dec 2016, 05:37
Now, now leatherdog ease up on the praise.

On a serious note, my main concern is for the pilots involved. I hope they are ok.
Pilots are by nature perfectionists and by nature very hard on themselves.

Best Rate
12th Dec 2016, 09:17
Couldn't agree more.

Both are fine, spirited individuals and I likewise feel for their wellbeing...