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Rotor Work
6th Dec 2016, 23:40
From ABC
http://http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-07/two-virgin-planes-involved-in-minor-collision-at-hobart-airport/8099400 (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-07/two-virgin-planes-involved-in-minor-collision-at-hobart-airport/8099400)

Transition Layer
7th Dec 2016, 02:20

Another Virgin incident in Darwin today too, surprised nothing on Pprune yet :confused:

Ken Borough
7th Dec 2016, 02:41
He said the “knock-on” effect to other flights in the Virgin Australia network would be minimal because they had sufficient aircraft to replace the damaged 737s.

If this is the case, VA cannot be gravelling that well. (Pun unintended)

Bug Smasher Smasher
7th Dec 2016, 05:38
A Virgin Australia spokesman... “There was no safety risk during this time and engineers are currently inspecting the aircraft,” he said.
Except for the damage to two aeroplanes and the potential for injury to pax who could've been knocked to the ground or off stairs...
Where do the airlines find these clowns?

porch monkey
7th Dec 2016, 07:30
Ken, they have spare aircraft because they don't have enough crew.

Ken Borough
7th Dec 2016, 07:48

Strewth! I bet those spare hulls weren't in Hobart or Darwin today, in which case the knock-on would be more than minimal. What are they running?

Duck Pilot
7th Dec 2016, 08:10
At what time was the runway excursion at Darwin, during the middle of the night by any chance? Storm when through Darwin last night at around 11pm with lots of wind, rain and lightning and there happened to be a VA 737 unusually parked up on the ramp early this morning, was still there at midday.

7th Dec 2016, 08:29
Arrived 2302 local last night

7th Dec 2016, 08:38
One of the linked articles described the HBA incident happening during pushback.

Since when do they use pushback procedures at HBA???

7th Dec 2016, 08:49
Mustn't have been VA's day, although it seems the ARFF got a workout!

Not long after the incident on the ground, another Va 737 took off and had to return to Hobart with flap problems. Only 1900m odd LDA at Launceston and 1800m at Hobart with a displaced threshold to add complexity. Literally ran out of parking spaces with two JQ aircraft and 3 VA aircraft on the ground at once.

Feel for the incident crew, everybody makes mistakes, so ease up

7th Dec 2016, 11:38
Quote from a passenger
"Better that it happened on the ground than in the air"


9th Dec 2016, 05:31
Worth having a look at the ABC news from Hobart on Iview-must have been a slow news days in the Apple Isle!

Interviewing the UNSW aviation expert for his considered opinion on the cause and outcomes of the incident!