View Full Version : LVO aircraft lights use

2nd Dec 2016, 10:05
In my company:

Taxi: Turnoff only
Takeoff and landing: Landing lights use is not recommended

It is affecting visibility so it is a critical selection

Would like to know your operators policy in day, night (if different) during LVO

2nd Dec 2016, 12:53
If your flying the newer 738's then as you have said.

2nd Dec 2016, 14:03
Actually I'm flying the 320.

The question was more for the night/day effect.

During the night the effect of landing lights is tremendous, you will not see any light at all.

During day I'm not sure.

2nd Dec 2016, 15:03
Airbus: as required (*)

My experience: no big deal everything standard (evidence and math available)

2 Lantrin: Critical? Surely not. Taxi without a forward lt seems silly, and we tried by mistake just two nights ago :( I would agree probably with LDG LT for CAT I - but later they're rather nice to have for landing.

Present company: TO light ON for normal landings - now that makes me headbang! Fortunately for LVO: as required.

* = means the people at the node of all feedback could not come to a conclusion which would fit all without ugly compromises.