View Full Version : Etihad A380 incident into Melbourne?

19th Nov 2016, 22:33
Yesterday 19th Nov, noticed the certain middle-eastern airlines A380 doing some weird turns out in the distance behind the terminals at YMML.

Looked it up on flight radar and sure enough it looked like it did the Wendy star into the 16 ILS and just after the start of the ILS it did a left hand turn and broke it off and was vectored around and did the 16ILS again without incident.

Then when we taxied out 30mins later, on ground frequency we heard their pilots call up on ground and ask again for the phone number to call as they were having difficulties getting an answer.

So a go around is not a big deal but looks like there was maybe a stuff up. Nothing on here I've looked twice, any ideas or anyone know anything?

le Pingouin
20th Nov 2016, 02:16
I think it was for separation - too much closing with the preceding.

20th Nov 2016, 03:10
They turned too early which put him too close to JQ479.

More concerning he was told to cancel the approach and turn left on a heading but continued the approach until ATC had a crack at them.

Sloppy approach sloppy standards.

20th Nov 2016, 12:15
Why can't you mention it? Was it EMIRATES? QATAR? SAUDI?

20th Nov 2016, 12:52
Air Voldemort?


20th Nov 2016, 13:07
Why can't you mention it? Was it EMIRATES? QATAR? SAUDI?
Surely you jest?

1a sound asleep
20th Nov 2016, 13:08
pretty photograph only (https://www.facebook.com/AIRLINESECRETS/photos/pcb.1827014950904848/1827013017571708/?type=3&theater)

Capn Bloggs
20th Nov 2016, 21:59
Farceache. Worse than Prune! :}