View Full Version : Melbourne Airport power down

16th Nov 2016, 05:42
Looks like a power dip reset everthing and causing delays.

So much for the design of the backup power supply system....

Traffic lights around the airport affected as well.

Pastor of Muppets
16th Nov 2016, 06:20
No alternate required.
We Aussies.... We know boats!

16th Nov 2016, 06:34
Any diversions to ymav?

Capt Fathom
16th Nov 2016, 08:07
I think the power problem was within and around some Terminals, not with ATC or runway operations!

Capn Bloggs
16th Nov 2016, 08:40
That danged backup power system that doesn't operate the traffic lights... what were they thinking?!

16th Nov 2016, 18:46
The power outage issue was off airport, which affected the main feed to the airport. The local area was all messed up as the traffic lights went down.

Various systems around the airport took time to reboot, affecting check in and security in terminal 3, which apparently they found out, does not have backup power.