View Full Version : Thai A350 service to MEL delayed?

13th Nov 2016, 09:07
I've been trying to find out the reason behind the delay in allowing Thai to operate A350 into Melbourne but all i can find is:

Australian civil aviation authorities have kept THAI in the dark as to whether or when it will approve the airline's application to operate the world's latest commercial airliner to and from Australia.
Industry analysts suggested Australian authorities' delay in granting the permission to THAI may have to do with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) red-flagging Thailand for its aviation safety shortcomings.
One of the main consequences of the action is Thai-registered airlines such as THAI are not allowed to change aircraft types on international routes they are already operating.
Australian civil aviation authorities were cited as saying they were "unfamiliar" with this type of aircraft, thus requiring more time to consider THAI's application, though it has allowed a couple of international airlines to fly similar A350 XWBs to some Australian cities already.


13th Nov 2016, 10:14
Something to do with someone driving a A350 Into the mud in the first week of operation.

Apparently it was the weather that caused it.


13th Nov 2016, 13:58
I've been shafted back to the sloped bed 777 for my Xmas trip to France. Most annoying!

13th Nov 2016, 22:29
the airline's application to operate the world's latest commercial airliner to and from AustraliaI guess 350 looks the same as 380. Or the other way round?

13th Nov 2016, 23:42
I don't see CASA banning the 777 or Emirates any time soon after they flew one into the ground in broad daylight?

14th Nov 2016, 02:29
2016-09-21 Thai Airways Airbus A350 runway excursion at Phuket JACDEC (http://www.jacdec.de/2016/09/22/2016-09-21-thai-airways-airbus-a350-runway-excursion-at-phuket/)

Unlikely to be the reason. If CASA withheld approval for airlines that have had "operational incidents" we would all be travelling overseas by ship.