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28th Oct 2016, 09:49
"A plane carrying Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence slid off the runway while landing at New York City's La Guardia Airport Thursday evening."





According to Faux News' Shep Smith, Republicans in Congress are opening an investigation after getting a tip from an Islamist computer hacker in Benghazi, that Bill Clinton exchanged a blow job for Hillary's personal email password, which led to the runway overrun.

Meanwhile, Republican Missouri and Alabama House members are calling for hearings regarding the "stopping power of an obviously inferior aircraft built by socialist union workers in blue states where the Ex-Im Bank financed Boeing Commercial Aircraft company continues to expand communist ideals. As of the time of this posting, BCA had no comment."


The NTSB is already on the scene, prepared to investigate, although several top-ranking members of the GOP have already denounced the findings before the investigation started, quoting "We have reason to believe the NTSB is involved in so-called pseudo science and alchemy and is part of a cabal of global reach designed to misinform the public on such matters." When asked about the objections, NTSB spokesperson, who requested anonymity, was unable to control his laughter, and apologized and disconnected the call.

According to Breitfart News, investigators were barred from seeking further evidence from the rear coat locker of the aircraft, where a blue dress was seen hanging with an unidentified substance across the front alongside canisters labeled "Chemtrail Juice - Do not photograph or touch"


The Trump campaign released an immediate statement: "We are very glad that this potentially horrific event turned out fine. It could have been a disaster, not unlike my opponent, Crooked Hillary, but the pilots evidently were well schooled in grabbing their female craft by the pussy, and taking control. Well done. Fabulous work fellas. Let's Make America Great Again and see you, my treat, at the Pussy Grab Cabaret in Trump Tower, Manhattan next week"


Conservative talk radio icon, Rush Limpbowels, came on the air shortly after midnight, eastern time: "Here we have an airplane, built by socialist Democratic communists on the evil west coast, landing at an airport that President to be Trump rightly called 'third world'. Am I the only one angry at those thoughts? Where was Hillary and why am I hearing about messages to the pilots contained in emails from Hillary's personal server that have been confiscated by Director Comey of the FBI. With no explanation. And no cause. America, wake up! We are in a crisis and Donald Trump is the answer to all of our woes and Hillary Clinton has crashed yet another airplane in her evil pursuit of world domination. We must stop her folks."


Later that night, the Reverend Pat Robertson hosted VP candidate Pence in an online prayer vigil of thanks. Robertson reminded his viewers that "Men with “rebellious” wives should live where wife-beating is legal. " and "God punishes people for having too much education. " to which Pence replied "G-d is great. G-d is good" and followed up with, "This was a life changing moment for me. I am convinced the aircraft did not burst into flames so that I may follow my destiny to be president of the USA one day and I am now forever in baby Jesus' debt and will continue to fight against homosexuals, promiscuous women, and that butcher of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton."

28th Oct 2016, 11:40

PPpwwwwaaaaarrrrrrpppppppp......... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

28th Oct 2016, 11:53
The good news was the runway had proper over run protection installed which prevented a Catastrophe....much like seeing Trump elected rather than Hillary.

One can draw parallels from multiple sources.

28th Oct 2016, 12:56
One can draw parallels from multiple sources.

Naturally. Yet the wise one always considers his or her source.

The good news was the runway had proper over run protection installed which prevented a Catastrophe

Protection? Are we finding some common ground? Government regulation saving lives? Excellent my friend. I owe you a cold beverage of your choosing. Cheers.

Krystal n chips
28th Oct 2016, 13:13
" One can draw parallels from multiple sources "

True..even the aircraft has veered off.......to the right wing.

You can only imagine the CVR transcript really...

" we sure as hell ain't havin non of that ( deleted word ) leftie rudder input on this bird... NO sir ma'am! "

And that well know song...emblazoned on the side

"Feed the birds, feed the birds, Trumpence, Trumpence, Trumpence a bag "

29th Oct 2016, 01:08
All very good and very funny KnC. Thank you. :ok:

29th Oct 2016, 02:31
His might have been on the Skids....but it is hers that is in the Crapper tonight!

What a difference a Day makes!

29th Oct 2016, 06:45
.but it is hers that is in the Crapper tonight!Anyone with their finger on the full strength "flush" button SAS?

29th Oct 2016, 07:24
Possibly the mainstream media, Megan, as they know a rotten smell in the state of DC when they see one.

His might have been on the Skids....but it is hers that is in the Crapper tonight!

You meant clapper right? The same clapper Clinton's going to use to ring Donald J Trump's small-minded, lying, bigoted bell come election day?

29th Oct 2016, 22:44
Government regulation saving lives?
Exactly what government regulation requires the use of EMAS (or similar)?

30th Oct 2016, 00:16
14 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 139, Subpart D of Certification of Airports defines Runway Safety Areas (RSA). FAA regulatory guidance extends to Advisory Circulars regarding EMAS installation and approval under section 139.309.

EMAS installation at LGA was approved and paid for by both the FAA and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a local agency and of course, the federal regulator. PANYNJ is controlled by both state's governors and was approved by Congress in 1921.