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28th Oct 2016, 06:09
She will never live it down - and might be asking for lifts for the rest of her degree course.....


A 19-year-old student was driving while taking a topless selfie when she ran into the back of a police car, police in Texas said on Thursday. Miranda Rader also had an open bottle of wine in a cup holder next to her, the Bryan police department said.

The collision on Wednesday, near Texas A&M University about 100 miles (160km) north-west of Houston, caused the airbag to deploy. Police said Rader was trying to put on her blouse when approached by the officer whose car she hit. “I asked her why she was not dressed while driving and she stated she was taking a Snapchat photo to send to her boyfriend while she was at a red light,” the arresting officer wrote in an affidavit.

Rader did not respond to an email seeking comment. She was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and released on a bond of $2,000, police said.


28th Oct 2016, 06:16
Obviously the Airbag was responsible for the state of her Nose, the other pointy bits are pliable enough to spring back to proper shape..Eh..!;):ok:

28th Oct 2016, 08:28
- and might be asking for lifts for the rest of her degree course.....Bet she won't have problems getting lifts if she promises to take the same sort of 'selfies' on the way!

28th Oct 2016, 12:08
something wrong with the pic ... I can't seem to scroll down in it

28th Oct 2016, 12:24
We need Slasher in times like this.

28th Oct 2016, 13:43
No need for a trial, she made a clean breast of it..

Loose rivets
28th Oct 2016, 17:12
A titter ran through the court.

28th Oct 2016, 17:33
What size was the cup holder?

A C cup? A D cup?

People need to know.

28th Oct 2016, 17:51
She would have got away with it in Bristol!

28th Oct 2016, 17:57
As James Bigglesworth would say....what a boob.

28th Oct 2016, 18:14
Her only injuries were a broken nose and short term mammary loss.

28th Oct 2016, 20:18
I like the way she thinks, in terms of making the best use of her time and her desire to send her boyfriend a nice surprise -- while stopped -- but I don't much care for her task priority once she began driving when the light turned green.

She should have remained topless while in motion and ensured that both hands were on the wheel. (That arm position will take care of most modesty needs. Grab a wheel at the 10 and 2 position with your hands and see what I mean.) She could then get dressed when stopped at the next traffic light.

Maybe between lights she'd brighten the day of the very few observant drivers on the road who are NOT texting or taking their own selfies ...

Want to or not, she's got her 15 minutes of fame. The DUI is going to cost her a pew fistfuls of dollars, to be sure ...

28th Oct 2016, 22:33
Something very wrong with the eyebrow pencil technique, it just doesn't look right.

28th Oct 2016, 22:45
Worst selfie ever.
Here's a proper one:

28th Oct 2016, 23:23
It could have been worse. She could have been caught trying to snap a selfie of her black box.

porch monkey
29th Oct 2016, 03:16
F.I, maybe she's seen what the Rock is cookin'.........

29th Oct 2016, 03:17
Nice to see that both airbags are available.....

Takan Inchovit
29th Oct 2016, 03:45
Something very wrong with the eyebrow pencil technique, it just doesn't look right.

I think the rest of the eyebrows are still on the airbag.

29th Oct 2016, 03:51
With make up technique like that, she wouldn't want to be sending her boyfriend a selfie of her face. Or perhaps she was just applying an eyebrow pencil when the airbags went off.