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tail wheel
28th Oct 2016, 00:41
Yet another review of aviation regulation in Australia, or should we hope for real change this time?

The federal government will kick off a major review today to assess the forces destroying Australia’s once-vibrant general aviation sector, which is being strangled by red tape and onerous costs.

Nocookies | The Australian (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/aviation/general-aviation-review-may-pull-sector-out-of-dive/news-story/5567e3e4d9dfc094d2cb12dbf0d0aeaa)

28th Oct 2016, 00:50
Peace for out time!

Another look-busy project for the bureaucracy. :ugh:

le Pingouin
28th Oct 2016, 01:12
Another look-good project for the government :ugh:

28th Oct 2016, 04:02
Tell them to have a read of the latest CASA annual report. Check out page 179 - Senior Management Personnel Remuneration. It will give them an idea of where the money is going.

It's impressive, after CASA spend millions on a re-structure to streamline the middle and executive management and spending millions of dollars to do so, CASA has successfully changed the numbers of senior management from 34 managers in 2015, to 36 in 2016. To achieve this revolutionary change, 11 senior managers were dispatched, required an additional $1 000 000 in termination payments. Absolutely brilliant, Sir Humprey wouldbe proud of such an achievement.

When you realise that all of this was conceived by the same people that brought us the RRP, and Part 61, it's scarcely surprising what the outcome would have been

28th Oct 2016, 04:49
It is 20 years since this was last done by BITRE. The report based on info provided by the industry does not inspire confidence in aviation industry business acumen. See: https://bitre.gov.au/publications/1996/report_095.aspx

Then, the claim was that CAA cost recovery and FAA charges were sending the industry broke. Total of all Government charges turned out to be 3 - 5% of operating costs.

28th Oct 2016, 19:39
I can almost guess the outcome now. The government and CASA will be vindicated, costs and regulations will be found to be in line with other industries.

After all, who is instigating the enquiry. They'll get the answers they want.

29th Oct 2016, 08:21
Total of all Government charges turned out to be 3 - 5% of operating costs.

Yes but it is not just the DIRECT charges levied, it is the thousands of hours spent mindlessly meeting arbitrary requirements to please the regulator to enable an AOC operator to continue.

29th Oct 2016, 09:36
Exactly. All such opportunity costs need to be identified and costed to get the real impact.

Lead Balloon
29th Oct 2016, 09:45
Exactly. What is the dollar cost of AVMED's stress-causing and career-destroying delays, intrusions, restrictions and other interventions that are not justified on an objective or comparative risk basis?

29th Oct 2016, 10:04
I don't know which would astonish me more:

That there is anyone left in the aviation sector who believes that another review is going to produce anything other than the hot air produced by the others in recent history (20 years).

That there is anyone in government who believes there is anyone left in the aviation sector who'll buy this bullshit.

Pinky the pilot
30th Oct 2016, 09:22
Slightly paraphrasing a scene from the old Pommy TV series Yes Minister.:D

"Minister; One never holds an enquiry (review) unless one already knows what the answer is!":}:rolleyes::=