27th Oct 2016, 21:29
Why Did I Have to Turn My Phone Off on an Airplane? | Motherboard (http://motherboard.vice.com/read/why-did-i-have-to-turn-my-phone-off-on-an-airplane)

An interesting article and without delving into the intricacies of signals and interference...

These days I'm flying regularly with Fiji Airways and the cabin announcement and cabin crew explanations are simple and understandable: "Remove all non airline headsets so you are able to hear cabin announcements in an emergency".

Makes consummate sense to me and I wonder why this type of commonsense is not more widely applied.

Still having fun in the mid Pacific

27th Oct 2016, 21:38
It is a bit of a joke tbh seeing as most flight crew leave their phone on. I tend to chuck it on airplane mode but do often forget.
I've occasionally had a bit of the old 'dadit dadit dadit' interference on my headset if I leave my phone right next to the battery/button unit in my headset but moving my phone a few inches away cures it until I then turn it off. I don't buy that something in the cabin will bother anything in the flight deck.

27th Oct 2016, 22:03
Almost every phone available today has a camera.

Sometimes people find it necessary to photograph things through the windows which are sensitive. Maybe it was the cigar shaped object just off the right wing. :ok:


Loose rivets
27th Oct 2016, 23:01
It would be a shame not to have cameras at the ready. I guess Airplane mode needs to be perfectly safe before this will be allowed but even the oscillator used to charge the flash is capable of emitting 'noise'.

28th Oct 2016, 07:21
And don't forget the Chemtrails spotters!

Air Canada also asks pax to remove headsets for takeoff and landing. I suspect it's a Transport Canada rule.

28th Oct 2016, 20:01
Come to the US---we leave ours on now.