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26th Oct 2016, 14:17
So, farewell then, Dave Cash
Excellent ex-Radio London and Capital DJ
Now you've gone to that great mixing studio
In the sky
Perhaps you can restart the Kenny and Cash Show
with Maurice Cole.

E J Thribb (17 RPM)

Wonderful Big L (http://steemrok.com/radiolondon)

27th Oct 2016, 13:57
I remember listening to Dave Cash on Capital Radio back in the mid 70's. He had a quiz called "Cash on Delivery" or the COD quiz I seem to remember. I think others on the station at the time were Kenny Everett and Graham Dean.

27th Oct 2016, 16:56
Don't forget you owe it all to these guys:


29th Oct 2016, 10:51
As a student I thought - along with many other youngsters - that the decision of the Wilson government in 1967 to shut down the pirate radio stations was an act of spite. But starting a career in aviation later on it was clear, when learning about nav aids, that pirates transmitting powerful signals on random frequencies was completely unacceptable.

But before then . . .

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29th Oct 2016, 11:11
I beg to differ, but Wilson's shutting down of pirate radio stations WAS an act of spite. He could have simply introduced legislation permitting many more UK-licensed radio stations, which is what the majority of pirate stations wanted - and indeed, which is what we now have today!

1st Nov 2016, 19:25
"Good Vibrations" back to back with "Strawberry Fields Forever" around 1 a.m. through the transistor radio earpiece in bed -with school tomorrow but -just had to wait it out .....

2nd Nov 2016, 11:16
This site may be of interest
Radio London €“ Big L Fab 40 - Radio London Ltd (http://www.radiolondon.co.uk/)
includes various tributes to Dave Cash.
Kenny Everett was one of the other BigL DJs I recall. Oh and John Peel of course.

3rd Nov 2016, 09:51
John Peel of course.
Midnight to 2 a.m ( IIRC) ."The Perfumed Garden".