View Full Version : Tree man arrested for obstructing traffic

25th Oct 2016, 17:42
A US man who covered himself in branches is arrested for obstructing traffic - BBC Newsbeat (http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/37762323/a-us-man-who-covered-himself-in-branches-is-arrested-for-obstructing-traffic)

25th Oct 2016, 19:41
Fir crying out loud!!!!

25th Oct 2016, 19:43
Seems he made an ash of himself.

25th Oct 2016, 20:50
Was he pining for the fjords?

Mostly Harmless
25th Oct 2016, 23:01
Asher Woodworth? Come on... this must be a satire mistaken as news story.

They were disappointingly uncreative with the headline. "Tree man stumps traffic but is cut down by the law." "Barking up the wrong street." "Protest branches out in unexpected direction." "Trunk man gets arrested crossing the street." This should be a caption thing.

Loose rivets
26th Oct 2016, 00:18
His father, Elmer, said, he's barking mad after making a trunk call to the lawyer that got him off on the grounds of being a defoliation risk.

West Coast
26th Oct 2016, 00:52
Must be a member of the Green Party.

26th Oct 2016, 03:26
Probably just looking for a root.

26th Oct 2016, 05:47
:eek:He is a dog decoy being tested by CASA to keep the dingos of the runway.

26th Oct 2016, 08:44
Wood he get a criminal record?

26th Oct 2016, 08:45
Why wood he do that, I hope he has learnt his lesson now and turns over a new leaf.
I realise it is probably going against the grain, but he really needs to branch out, take a farewell bough and get into some other form of expression, as he obviously hasn't twigged this is going nowhere..

26th Oct 2016, 09:12
Obviously a job for Special Branch!

26th Oct 2016, 09:16
Maybe with the rise in membership of certain ecologically friendly political parties all he really wanted was a hug?

26th Oct 2016, 11:55
Oh C'mon! The sniper was going home after a long day's work :rolleyes:

26th Oct 2016, 12:01
Latest DIY 3D camo suit.
Some assembly required.

26th Oct 2016, 12:07
Was the incident entered in the police log?

26th Oct 2016, 14:39
Those with the bent for further research can likely find his interview on CBC As It Happens.

I believe M'Naughten applies in this case M'Lord

B Fraser
26th Oct 2016, 15:12
Is he part of a splinter group ?

Ancient Observer
26th Oct 2016, 15:19
B Fraser. That was awful.

But I smiled.

How many dogs near that area? Maybe he wanted to capture the urine to make explosives?

26th Oct 2016, 16:18

26th Oct 2016, 16:30
Told my Irish friend they arrested Tree Man in the US and he said nope they arrested Tree Men.

I just bought him a pint and we sat down to chat.

Mostly Harmless
26th Oct 2016, 22:11

I tree what you did there. I'm stumped, how did they make that road.

26th Oct 2016, 22:25
Police had to cone off the road once they twigged what was happening.

(Do I get a bonus point there??? :})

26th Oct 2016, 22:52
I read he was board and feeling shady. Poor sap.

27th Oct 2016, 01:09
Must be Bark-ing.

(Hat-Coat . . . . . . )