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West Coast
25th Oct 2016, 15:42
Buried elsewhere in the board, perhaps better exposure here.


Bob Hoover, one of history?s greatest pilots, dead at 94 | NewsCut | Minnesota Public Radio News (http://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/2016/10/bob-hoover-one-of-nations-greatest-pilots-dead-at-94/)

25th Oct 2016, 15:47
Amazing fellow...great Aviator...and a Gentleman.

25th Oct 2016, 15:54
I briefly had the honour and the privilege some years ago.
A thorough gentleman and an inspiration to countless people over the years.
Rest in peace, Bob. You've earned it.

Stan Woolley
25th Oct 2016, 16:07
RIP Bob. Glad I both saw you fly & shook your hand. 👏👏👏

25th Oct 2016, 17:21
An Aviation Treasure and a true Legend, the Magician is gone.
RIP Bob.

25th Oct 2016, 18:03
I don't think he's gone west, or via any other compass point. I think he just went vertical.

RIP great man. What a wonderful life. You could make an aeroplane talk.


25th Oct 2016, 18:17
Back in the early 1970s, when I was an aviation obsessed teenager, Airfix released a large scale model of the P-51D. I wrote to Rockwell in Oklahoma asking if they could send me some photographs of racing Mustangs as that what I wanted to build.

Some time later, a package arrived from Rockwell in El Segundo in California. Inside was a 10 x 8 photo of N51RH, the company's yellow Mustang, with the great man standing in front. This was accompanied by a personally signed letter from Bob Hoover explaining that the racing Mustangs were individually owned and not the responsibility of Rockwell. He also wished me luck with my project.

I never saw him fly, alas, but the response seem to confirm his status as a real gentleman.

West Coast
26th Oct 2016, 01:10
Great video Hempy

Loose rivets
26th Oct 2016, 01:10
I've mentioned him many times when describing how artificial gravity works in my novel's spacecraft. I was influenced, no, inspired by seeing him pouring his coffee while rolling his Aero. It'd have been hard enough if someone else had done the pouring.

The Conservation of energy sequence! I don't suppose I take a breath during the whole routine.

What a life!

West Coast
26th Oct 2016, 01:16

26th Oct 2016, 08:16
I was his cojo when he bounced the Sabreliner at the Hanover airshow and bent the gear. We ended up landing on two wheels.
Well, we can all make mistakes!

26th Oct 2016, 08:30
That's a classic, Westie. :ok:

"I'm a pretty busy fellow while I am doing these maneuvers. Each and every flight that I've performed, I have a challenge to try and perform a little bit more precisely than on the last flight. So I'm challenging myself each time to do a little better so it's total concentration." Then he goes on to say, "These one wheel landings are actually pretty easy..." -Bob Hoover

Thanks for sharing that video, Hempy. I believe it is part of the documentary titled "Flying the Feathered Edge" that was premiered in 2014. I am sure I am not alone in saying Hoover was an inspiration for me as a young aviator (alongside an uncle and family friend - both airline and former bomber pilots).

26th Oct 2016, 08:45
So long Mister Hoover.

I've seen him do the "energy management" demo in the Shrike a number of times. Always impressive and it usually ran out of energy right at airshow center in front of the grandstands at Reno.

He autographed my copy of Forever Flying with a personal note when I bought it from him in the pits at Reno Stead. I used to see him walking with his wife every year at what's now called the Grand Sierra. (formerly Reno Hilton and MGM) Always a true gentleman.

Gone but not forgotten.

Alpine Flyer
26th Oct 2016, 09:41
Saw him perform once at Sun'N'Fun and only after reading his autobiography found out that there was much more to his life than Aerobatics in the Shrike even though those alone would have sufficed to make his memory immortal.

I seem to recall a picture in the book showing him having dinner with Neil Armstrong, Chuck Yeager and Charles Lindbergh. What a life!

26th Oct 2016, 10:09
The incredible displays of conservation of energy and flying the wing that I twice witnessed the great man do in his Shrike Commander made me realise how ordinary our meat factory training schools really are at the craft.

He came across as a very humble and openly warm individual. Thanks for being an inspiration Bob.

27th Oct 2016, 22:50
The man could both fly and drink us all under the table.

28th Oct 2016, 08:54
What I always thought was a PR mega Oops was when the FAA tried to suspend Bob's display licence, or even perhaps his general licence, based upon age. I don't remember all the fine details of the event, but he fought it with his full gusto and I believe he won and lived to fly on and thrill for a few more years. Someone more local may know the whole story.

I seem to recall a picture in the book showing him having dinner with Neil Armstrong, Chuck Yeager and Charles Lindbergh. What a life!

There is an old saying the 'when pilots are with women they talk about aeroplanes, and when in an aeroplane they talk about women.' I wonder what gems this trio discussed. Sophie, Gina & Claudia? now there's a matching trio to keep you young again. Such sleek lines and curves that sliced through the air with barely a flutter of only your watching heart. And that was the aeroplanes, wait till they got to the women.

28th Oct 2016, 09:57
I seem to recall a picture in the book showing him having dinner with Neil Armstrong, Chuck Yeager and Charles Lindbergh. What a life!
My recollection is that the photo showed Bob and Colleen Hoover, Neil Armstrong and Charles Lindbergh - no Chuck!

The grounding story was something like this: in the mid-1990s somebody in the FAA seemed to have decided to "bring the old buzzard down" and claimed his flying at a particular show was dangerous hence the grounding... Neurological (or whatever) and flight tests with a safety pilot proved he hadn't lost his fine edge - indeed a major engine failure during a flying test saw Bob returning a T-28 safely to a runway. Meanwhile the enlightened Australians granted Bob the opportunity to display a T-28 (and a Shrike?) downunda, and the campaign by all sorts of US aviation notables finally saw his licence restored. He flew for a few more years, then in his own time gracefully retired from display flying in 2000 - aged 78!

Saw him display the Shrike at Reno in '99 - fantastic!

31st Oct 2016, 11:19
another thread now closed was listing choices to play him in a must-do film. Sully must be a good fit...

31st Oct 2016, 16:06
I seem to remember seeing him do his amazing display a few times at various air shows in Europe, but for the life of me can't recall any, except Farnborough. A very humble and capable aviator.

31st Oct 2016, 17:10
Mr. Wallet: I think you should get on the horn to Tom H, while he is still talking to Sully, and sign them up. However, PLEASE get a super competent technical advisor into the less straight & level stuff and older a/c and not some of the clowns on ACI.

Oh, and please don't let Tom C buy the rights and cast himself as the hero. He's made a right horlicks of Jack Reacher. I've read all the books and to find Mr. Midget playing The Hulk is a travesty too far.